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  • Dollie Divas🦋

    I was in Pinterest and found an old set of mine from PV and there was a link to a Ssense Board on Pinterest labeled "Top Sets" so I clicked on it and it shows what appears to be all the TS from PV.

    I scrolled thru and found so many sets that I remembered so well winning TS for the was a nice nostalgic moment!

    p.s. if you click on each one most of them show who the original artist was, so hope you all enjoy!

  • Amazing sets! 🤯

  • Wow. There are some fantastic sets on there, but that became almost physically painful to remember some of them.

    At least I got to see some of the people I remember and miss, like vlaggetje.

    Thanks for sharing this. ❤

  • Twisted Gypsies

    Let's not forget this company stole our PV Sets and used them for their advertising and it upended all of us. 😞 While they gave most of us our PV Sets back, years of collecting items and connecting with each other disappeared overnight. I'm really grateful to URStyle for giving us a home.

  • Morbid Curiosities

    @cindu12 Thank you Cindy!! I'm going now!!

  • It's Your Imagination

    Thank you Cindy. 💝 Neat to see some familiar sets! Thank goodness we found Urstyle to continue what we lost!💕

  • Hodgepodge

    Wow. So many people with so much talent, and I never knew them there. @riagr I think that is the correct name. I remember her. Lots of her stuff there. It was nice going down memory lane. I have to admit that there are things that I prefer about Urstyle. For example, the contests are much more laid back. I do miss so many from there who are not on this forum though. Thanks for posting the link.

  • Poetry In Motion (Art Group)

    Awesome, a walk down memory lane. So much talent and so many names I remember and wonder where they may all be. If remember right, one of the girls used to publish a collection of top art sets as they never made it to the front page, I wonder if this was her collections?

  • Dollie Divas🦋

  • Dollie Divas🦋

    @wildcupcake Your so welcome sweetie and I agree, it was a mix of emotions for sure! 🤗

  • Dollie Divas🦋

    @rainheartart True but I am glad we found URSTYLE and have good memories to look back on...🤗

  • Dollie Divas🦋

    @kleasterling Welcome doll!! 🤗

  • Dollie Divas🦋

    @laughingdog Welcome sweetie and I agree nice to have each other!! 🤗

  • Dollie Divas🦋

    @maisondeforgeron Welcome sweetie and I agree I think creating sets here is much easier and more freedom! No item limit and cropping is way easier!! 🤗

  • Dollie Divas🦋

    @ollie I remember those TS collections, made it nice for everyone to be noticed! Glad you enjoyed it darlin!! 🤗

  • Morbid Curiosities

    @cindu12 Oh Cindy! What a gift, who knew our work was even out there! @Rainheartart you are so right, but we have to let it go. The anger ate me up for months until Urstyle which was a lifesaver for so many of us! Here's to you Cindy for this gift today and to all of us for preserving thru a bad episode in our creative lives. I would love to start an email list (perhaps add it to the Birthday list?) so we can reach out to each other just incase this ever happens again. Thoughts?? Anyone?

  • Dollie Divas🦋

    @kleasterling I'm so glad you loved it sweetheart and am very glad you felt the nostalgia!! I too love it here and so glad we could all come together.

    I think the email list is a great idea. At least we could keep in touch no matter what!!

    Also check out Facebook, there are a lot of ex-pv people on there. Even a group where they do contests, pretty fun!!

  • Polyfam

    Thank you @cindu12 - Interesting that these are all art and doll sets. I suppose THEY used the clothing sets. Cindy - I think these were just ART & Doll sets collected by someone with SSENSE because MORE from Gailwind, Alicja2204 and Mew-Mews would have been in here. They created FABULOUS sets. Mew-Mews still does once in a while here on URStyle.

    I remember how hard we had to fight to get our Art/Doll sets to hit Top Sets at Polyvore. I spent so many years involved with PV online friends, the PV team in New York and I assisted in organizing two Atlanta meet ups.

    What a disservice they imposed on us back then. Granted, it was a FREE site. Some of you will remember when it began to change. The ability to make some money by creating clothing sets for online stores. People approaching you to hold contests with prizes. The all of a sudden ability to click on cloths and purchase off the site. I too lost friends when the site was shut down. Ones I can never recover because we didn't know their real names or last names. Some of them I am still InTouch with through Facebook. OMGee, so MANY amazing artists and doll creators - Gailwind, Patti777, Zoella, Delta, Alicja2204, Victorianhaven, Tabithasue, Mycau, Crazyfish, FM3Happy, Lastchance, Tracireuer. Rosie305. Some showed up here on URStyle and left. I was one of those but I came back...Thank you Cindy for sharing.

  • @rainheartart It was a trauma for a lot of us, and we certainly have the right to grieve it for however long it takes. Not only did we have a community taken from right under us without warning, but our art was taken, too, along with the means to do that art. It was a double blow that qualifies as an actual trauma. But then to have been betrayed by being used, too, well, we are entitled to our anger and our negative feelings about it.

    We have a place to recover, and it's a positive, but that doesn't wipe out what happened.

    This may have been a reminder, but it's also a way to revisit old friends, so it's bittersweet. Even if it reopens old wounds, it gives us a chance to reexamine how we feel about it. It's part of grieving, and this is grief. Don't think for a moment that it's not.

    I'm still angry about it, and probably always will be. That's just how I feel. I accept it. It's normal, it's me, and I don't have to do anything with it. It just is.

    What you feel is yours. No one else can tell you what to do with it, or how to handle it.

    @kleasterling This was not a jab at you. I used to be a chaplain. When people grieve, they need to understand that what they feel is completely theirs, anger and all. They deal with it as they see fit, and they need to be left to do that. You may have moved on, others of us may not. It is what it is.

  • The Story Corner

    Oh wow, Cindy!!! This is such fun!! I just got home today, and have a lovely trip down Memory Lane !!!!!!😘


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