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    Help! I just discovered this site, and I cant get my zip file, and I don't even know what this is. Can someone help me? I found most of my old sets on pinterest, but I need help putting them here

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    Hi everyone!
    There are 3 days left in our current contest over at 365 Fashion, “Front Row at the Fashion Show” ! :

    There are so many amazing styles and sets by the UrStyle Community in there so far, and we would love to see you there, too

    With a look incorporating pieces from one/more of your favorite designers, show us what you would wear if you got a chance to sit front row at one of the most popular shows of the season!

    3 Set Limit / Old and New Sets / 5 Winners / 3 days left!

    Have fun, and be creative!


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    @fassionista Agreed! Every other site/app I've used always gives us a heads-up for when they have scheduled maintenance and expect to be down for updates etc

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    Congrats. Well deserved

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