• Dollie🍹Divas

    I cannot believe that we have been on URSTYLE for 5 years!! Seems hard to believe that it has been that long since we lost PV! I was on my Pinterest page looking at some old PV sets and got to thinking about how much time had passed and was so surprised when I came here to the Forums and saw the length of time since the first posts when it was all so new and strange!

    I also was a bit nostalgic seeing sets from people that didn't migrate here or maybe went to another site or just gave up. So many good friendships were developed on PV some lifelong some more fleeting but all memorable!!

    So I thought I would let you all know how wonderfully special and unique each of you are and how very blessed I feel to know you! My job keeps me so busy during the week and my time is more limited since I took on new responsibilities so I don't have a lot of time to comment on the amazing talent you all display here so it was important to me to tell you!!

    Happy 5th Anniversary @admin as well and I hope everyone is having a wonderful Summer and weekend!! Sending you all lots of love!! 💞

  • Interior Designers

    @cindu12 : I also was PV user and, like you, I'm surprised with how much time was passed since PV ended!
    Like you, I miss so much some Polyfriends so kind and talented who didn't come to Urstyle ... but I'm glad and grateful for old and new friends who going on here!
    Since my retirement, PV first and now Urstyle is my most constant companion.
    Every day has new wonderful artworks, challenges, conversations and more, to make my time more pleasant.
    And I love that Urstylers are kind, very polite and talented, unlike others social networks full of rude people only looking for controversy.
    Congrats and thanks to @admin and send my best wishes to all Urstylers! 😘 💐 ❤

  • Meaningful Creations

    @cindu12 I only found this 2 yrs ago, but am very grateful I did!

  • @cindu12 I love this tribute! I was on Poly in the early years under the same name and passed the time in the best ways throughout. The beloved site was both my creative sphere and safe space when I needed it the most. Sadly, I lost the majority of my Poly sets in the "coup" (I never backed up anything on Pinterest, so anything saved is by chance, specifically sets of mine that others saved and shared. I thank the Universe for small favors.)

    It tickles me that all of us found ourselves here at some time or another. It has been a blessing to gain my visually artistic spirit back again. At one time, I thought it had been lost forever. The visual influences my written word like nothing else, so on entering this space regularly, it is a gift that keeps on giving.

    I haven't encountered any of my Poly friends yet (not that I know of), but it has been lovely getting to know so many new friends and talents in this space. I don't always have the time either, but I will do my best to contine sharing art, participating in challenges, championing other members, and spreading blue skies wherever I roam....💙 Love, Mahvelus

    Happy 5️⃣th! Xx

  • CureKtity's TGIF Friends

    So grateful for all the Polyfriends I found here on Urstyle!
    Thank You Cindy! 😘💞

  • Doll Group

    Amazing it’s 5 years @cindu12, I’ll never forget polyvore, it was the best place ever. Thank heavens most of us found urstyle, it’s great but the search engine has never matched the ease of finding stuff on polyvore, I remember feeling so depressed when it disappeared over night, people thought I was mad!

  • The Story Corner

    @cindu12 5 Years !!! woww! Polyvore was great, but Urstyle has stepped up to the plate quite well; so I am indeed grateful for its presence! When I get my MacBook fixed( it got tea splashed on it and the colours are wonky!!!) I am going to host a party for you all at the castle!!!!! By the way, any good tips for me to create on an iPad????? I am struggling what with my bad eye ! Luckily I have the Award Set for the Beach contest ready, and the sample set for the next contest; Hopefully I will be creating again soon. 😘 Happy birthday to yo all!!... and everyone at @admin 🎂

  • All Things Wedding

    Happy anniverary to you too sweetie. it is a blessing we have each other for sure Lots of love and hugs!

  • Dollie🍹Divas

    @ritadolce Welcome sweetie!💞

  • Dollie🍹Divas

    @cmb51 I definately agree on the discontent on most sites that comes across and there isn't any of that here that I have ever encountered, thankfully! I felt shock and anger for sure and anyone not involved in the situation could never understand the feelings we all experienced those first few weeks! So happy we all found our way here!! 💞

  • Dollie🍹Divas

    @starrz Me too dear!! 💞

  • Dollie🍹Divas

    @mahvelus-24-7 Love your post and I agree, in the beginning there were quite a few that came here but for whatever reason didn't stay. There were so many differences in comparison! It was like learning to drive a car all over again! There were so many growing pains at the start but I stuck around because of the communication from @admin, which in the beginning was outstanding but lately we never hear from them anymore, which is greatly disappointing, but I am grateful we do have a place for our creativity and that will just have to be enough! 💞

  • Dollie🍹Divas

    @janesstylediary I so agree! But having said that, there are many things in comparison to PV that I really like here! It will never be the same of course but our comfort level, with time, has improved but there are still little quirky things that really need @admin attention so let's hope they do someday! 💞

  • Dollie🍹Divas

    @auntiehelen Ack Helen! So sorry to hear about your iPad! With everything else you are dealing with you certainly didn't need that on top of it!! I wish I could offer advice on using the iPad here, but I am one of those odd ducks that has only ever used Android and PCs much to my families' chagrin!! 😉

    As I mention above, I agree that UR is better in a lot of ways, but it would be nice to get those annoying little items addressed! Like being able to control our collections! My biggest pet peeve on here! I want to be able to move things around and arrange them the way I like them, but right now they are just a place to park items, imho!!

    A party at the CASTLE!! WOOHOO!! I can't wait! They are definately a good time for all! If you need any help with sets of any kind, I will be more than happy to help you anyway I can, feel free to let me know!! 💞💞💞

  • Dollie🍹Divas

    @sjlew Thank you so much dearest! You are always so very kind and an extremely lovely person! 💞💞💞

  • The Story Corner

    @cindu12 I am waiting fr the box to come for my MacBook to be sent back in... I am hoping it might come tomorrow. If we lived on the mainland I could pop in with it myself... but that's just one of the joys of island life!!! 🤣

  • Dollie🍹Divas

    @auntiehelen How wonderful that must be!! I would gladly live on an island with my "Doctor"!! 😂😋😁

  • Creativity In Everything

    Wow time goes so fast, thank u for this post. You are an inspiration to me, ever since pv I have been following you it's been great knowing you.Your creativity blows my mind. Your dollies sets are amazing.They are my favorite. I have met wonderful ladies on urstyle. I can't believe I have five years of sets on urstyle that's alot of work and time. Let's hope for more years of creativity among us. It has been fun. Xoxoxo..

  • Creativity In Everything

    @cindu12 The only thing I hate about urstyle is those popping up ads uuhhh they are so annoying, wish urstyle would get rid of them.

  • Creativity In Everything

    I love Urstyle


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