Types of creators I've noticed in our community (just a discussion post)

  • Hey-hey URSTYLE community!

    I've come to understanding that many people in this community are former Polyvore members. I think it's absolutely wonderful that we've got replacement to that, right? Many are also new users and have no idea what Polyvore was - that's fine as well! No matter the background, in here we can get the chance to be creative in any ways possible. Right?

    I've been using URSTYLE for awhile now and noticed that we have different type of creators here. Each type being wonderful in their own creative way! 💗 Observing others and I myself have categorized set creators into groups. Lets roll up the sleeves and dive into the categories.
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      Group of creators who focus fully on the clothes. Giving the plain yet nice view of the outfit they've created. They use the idea of the outfit and bring it into a nice display and the viewer has a freedom to create a context for it, create the background.

      Group of creators who have a story-line / roleplay. Retelling a story along with the outfit/set they create - this is the main focus of their creations.

      Group of creators has in my opinion the most artistic approach. They have the backgrounds, effects, texts, layers... it's a lot to see at first glance, but longer you look the more details you notice.

    ⏩ Based on these three categories, where do you see yourself belonging?
    ⏺ I, myself, go under first category. As much as I love the stories or creative sets, I just can't do it. I'm the best with simply focusing on clothes. Haha!

    ⏩ Did I maybe leave out any important category?
    ⏺ Feel free to let me know about that, I'm more than happy to discuss the posted topic! ❣

    Lots of love and positivity to you all!
    ~ ItsJustFashion ~

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  • Ps! If it's a wrong place where to post this discussion, I apologise in advance! I wasn't sure where was the best place to write my thoughts!

  • @itsjustfashion Interesting observation. Personally, I'm so very obviously a 2 and a 2 that is overly-obsessed with a TV show that isn't even on the air anymore. 🙃

  • @beachrx oooo! nothing wrong about being the number two! I mean in general when I create an outfit, I'm also sort of thinking of the scenario of some sort, haha! Like you have to have an idea of what, where, how and why? 💞

    Ps! Thank you for expressing your thoughts!

  • CureKtity's TGIF Friends

    @itsjustfashion I was on PV since 2006 or 2008, I can't remember and I always like Fashion Sets the most. Most Polyvore users create/created one or all of these set types: Fashion, Beauty, Art, Home Decor, and/or Dolls or a mix of these types in a set. On PV, UrStyle and other sites, I make artistic fashion sets but I occasionally do other types mostly Art and Beauty and once in a while Home Decor. I dislike making Doll Sets (I'm just terrible at it) but I love what others can do. Very creative!

    I don't always think users fall into a certain category as they do a variety of different things. For me I'd say I'm a mix of 1 and 3. Type 2 I definitely don't like to do. I am not into roleplay, it's just not my thing to do.

    Hugs, Diana

  • @curekitty yes, you are absolutely right... I've also come in contact with more and more creators who are mix of all 3 types! I love the fact that we have all kinds of creators here on URSTYLE 💞

    Thank you for thinking along with me!


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