Potential Group Idea?

  • Hello, everyone! I hope you're having a nice weekend so far.

    Although I'm not that good at running contests { judging people's sets against one another gives me a lot of anxiety for some reason }, I have an idea for a group that isn't contest-oriented. However, I know that's why most people like groups . . . so I don't know if there would be any interest for this to exist. It's actually kind of two ideas, now that I think about it. Maybe it would need to be two groups, but I think it could be just one.

    The concept is sort of a "help" group. When you're making a doll and can't find a body part in a position that matches the skin tone . . . maybe someone else knows of one! When you're debating between two different photos to have in your background . . . sometimes it's nice to hear different opinions! When you're dying for a certain vibe in your outfit but can't find the perfect leather jacket to make it work . . . perhaps others can send some good ones for you to choose from!

    Although, in my head, these types of issues tend to come up more with doll-making than fashion sets by nature of how tricky they can be, anyone would be able to ask for help on any set-making conundrum they find themselves in.

    And we as a community would support them! ♡

    This wouldn't be so much about criticism . . . unless someone specifically asked, you know. Like "Is the doll's head too big?" Then you can say yes. But you would just be there to address what they've requested, like finding a specific item or choosing between things, rather than saying, "Well, those colors don't match!" when they never brought that up haha. I don't think that would be a problem because everyone on here is so nice. But I would just remove things like that if it occurred!

    That kind of leads into my other idea . . . which I don't know what to call but I suppose I would consider it the "draft rehoming project."

    I have a lot of quarter- or half-finished sets in my drafts that I know, without a doubt, that I will never, ever use. Because of the feature to download the backup of a set, you can essentially send and share them with each other if you want. I would be happy to give some of my drafts away for someone to do WHATEVER with, if they were inspired by any. And maybe you would too! If you did this, you would have to be willing to give up complete control of your draft. The set could be changed, "destroyed," and published solely at the discretion of its new "owner." So perhaps no one is interested in that like I am. But I think the idea of seeing something that didn't work for me taking off with someone else's creativity is fun :)

    I'm really not sure if anyone wants to see this type of community group exist. { I could try to come up with contests too, but then I would probably have you all vote on winners instead of me having to choose. } In any case, I just thought it would be nice to have a space to ask for help and to help others ♡

    Let me know here or in a message what you think!

  • great and helpful idea

  • The Story Corner

    Cool idea! Also,I for one would be more than happy to edit items on request. 💞

  • @auntiehelen

    Ooo, great addition! I would be as well sometimes, like making an item someone wants for a doll into a png so it's easier to "cut up." Good idea!

  • The Story Corner

    @e-lysium Yes, or changing skin tone...... I was obsessed with that for a while!!!!

  • @auntiehelen Yes!!! The holy grail of doll editing!!! A blessing and a curse!! You're absolutely right

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    @e-lysium I have a collection of some I already prepared, if anyone is interested!

  • I think draft rehoming is such a cool idea!!

  • Sounds like a great idea! I spend hours at times to match skin tones or to find the correct head once I have completed the rest of the doll. I have not figured out yet how to edit like auntiehelen does or some of the others who are great at making doll sets!

  • The Story Corner

    @bev Just ask, Bev !!!! It's not a problem.

  • @bev I don't use anything fancy. There might be special tools to manipulate skin tones specifically on photoshop or something like that. { I have no clue and I don't pay for anything like that. } But I use any number of regular color-changing tools that come on free online editing platforms!

  • @auntiehelen I did ask before and you told me what to do but we may use different internet browsers and that means I do not always get what you may get when using something other than Firefox, which is what I always use. I know Chrome and Internet Explorer have items that I can't get and vise versa.

  • @e-lysium Thanks! I do not have photo shop and do not want to pay for it. I have a free art program that I use to resize and brighten photos I take with my camera so that they look great online.

  • The Story Corner

    @bev If you have an item you want edited just pop it on here or send me a pm and I'll do it 😘
    There is a free photo editor similar to Photoshop....... it's called Photopad. I did a tutorial for it some time back.


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