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    @classicelegance ooooh thank you for the recs! I'll be sure to check them out

    i'm almost exclusively into girl groups ahahaha; blackpink and red velvet are my ults but I also dig a lot of g-idle, itzy, and sunmi! other artists i like are chung ha, aoa, and a few twice songs in terms of boy groups, I like some EXO (love shot, mama, overdose, kokobop, call me baby) & some random songs here & there that i just happened to hear & really get into!

    that's so cool that you can pinpoint an exact video that got you into kpop omg I think my first exposure was gangham style (lol) & then later i heard overdose randomly & really liked that one song w/o diving deeper into kpop. that was like 6 years ago oops & i really started listening when i decided on a whim to watch blackpink's DDU-DU DDU-DU video. just got sucked in after that

    in terms of songs i like a lot of girl crush concepts, red velvet's quirky stuff and smooth, addictive r&b beats, hip-hop inspired in general usually works pretty well with me! i do also appreciate that kpop has these delicate beautiful girly glamour songs that we don't really see in the west, a la groups like apink and twice's feel special

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