New and thanks to FunkyjunkyGypsy also have the clipper tool!

  • South African - my main interest is Art from African art to French Impressionists, Cezanne to Modern and the Dadaists.
    I just want to thank FunkyjunkyGypsy for her help in getting me set up on Chrome...turns out I need to have that as my browser, maybe something you should tell newbies?
    Or have some sort list of what is required here to make sets?
    I am ex Polyvore and taking time off from Fash Mates for a bit as so many have extolled the virtues of Urstyle - I have still to find out, as the first steps have been very frustrating until an old friend from Poly came to the rescue.

  • It's Your Imagination

    @artsdesireable Welcome Susan, I hope this will become easier each day for you. It's wonderful to see you here! Looking forward to your sets!

  • Many thanks


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