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    Happy Summer/Winter Designers. Hoping all is well and you are staying motivated & have something that is keeping you inspired through the days.

    Looks like you all are enjoying the season and We always get happy to see you all play in our challenges. We have so much in store for you all so stay tuned while we fine-tune things on our end. Judgment day is here and I expect to announce our winners circle by this weekend. While that is going on...take a peek here https://urstyle.fashion/contest/4371-grabngo-n23-flip-this-artist-watanabe-seitei to see some great sets from our Designers.

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    Our next artist won't disappoint you. The collection that will be featured is quick interesting...so stay tuned for that one. We will host the next FLIP THIS ARTist here [and also at the new space] until the migration is completed. You can stop by, peek around and test out functions to help give us feedback. The ultimate goal is to find out which platform is easier for you all to visit [both are desktop friendly as well as mobile], mingle and be inspired by with ease from our end and yours.
    1 ➡ https://bit.ly/3zka4Jb
    2 ➡ https://bit.ly/3rn6RG2

    We need YOUR HELP to test out the navigation, so we can tailor it to YOUR needs...I have the current FLIP THIS ARTist contest available to start submitting sets. Also, I will open the NEW FLIP THIS ARTist by Wednesday at the latest [I think 🤔😁] We're looking for beta testers basically, so you could assist @kristina and me in streamlining the site.
    NOTE: you will not create sets there but, just will submit sets into the contest thread with music if you like to comment entry I will have a youtube tutorial on how to use CANVA for quality-looking sets that could be enlarged and even printed out. I will also have a google folder of fun png home design finds I've hoarded and even edited for over 5 plus years.

    REMEMBER these are TWO totally different platforms locations...we just need to know which one is right for us and YOU.

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