Annoying feature

  • The slide to view the side bar on the left makes it almost impossible for me to do anything on the app or website because it always swipes to it with the littlest movement and resets everything. I can't like items or view others sets and I'm worried about losing my sets. It's really frustrating.

  • @frealbird also I can't write on other forums without having to start a new one. I can't even reply. (I'm trying to write on the suggestion one and there's no option)

  • URSTYLE Team

    what iPhone are you using?
    what is the OSX version?
    what you mean by no possibility to reply? you can't type anything or send message

  • I use the iPhone x and and for both app and software on my phone I'm up to date. I'm unable to reply in the forum but I can type in some places on the app. For whatever reason in the search bar it will delete letters while I'm typing and for messages my keyboard covers the text so I can't see what I'm writing. (I'm replying here on my laptop)

  • Doll Group

    It is the same for me but I just fool the keyboard into thinking I have finished and it goes down and I can read what I have written so far. Also with the search bar if I want to write an a for example I repeat it a few times aaaaa and then it will lose a few aa and then I delete whats left a and so on! hahaha It takes a little while but...what can I do -I make it work for me!

  • URSTYLE Team

    @diannec please retest, we were trying to fix it

  • Polyfam

    @admin well first I’m so happy for Urstyle achievement in developing the app for mobile I’m using apple mobile and downloaded the app and using it for a while now I can say it is as good as the website except for the following:-
    If wanna to get back to previous or next pages ,, there is no arrows activated to do so.
    The Clipper!!
    Well when I used polyvore app it was provided with clipper which I could clipped items the same as website via mobile or laptop,, I wish Urstyle could achieve this soon🙂

  • @fatenmh Yes! I actually wrote a review on the iphone app store yesterday saying it needs a back button. It’s so time-consuming to go back and start over (especially when I forget where I was. Lol.) I know they’re working on a clipper. I hate uploading items that they can’t profit from because they don’t link anywhere. They need a clipper so they can make some $$ from our clips, to ensure they never go out of business. 👍👍

  • @fatenmh The back button is here!

  • Polyfam

    @mysfytdesigns Yes!! I noticed thank you dear for bringing it to my attention, and a Big Cheers 🎉🎉 to Urstyle team for your achievements..Excellent work Guys 👍🏻


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