Hi all from PV and Neybers

  • Hey everyone!

    I just started using urstyle about a month ago. It's becoming addictive. I used to be on the neybers app as Tiffany_Anthony, and on Polyvore I was MysfytDesigns. I had also tried my hand at creating a similar site called commusphere, (which was what I'd hoped would replace polyvore,) but it didn't work out. Many of you likely knew me from that project as well.

    I'm looking to reconnect with my old #polyfam and well as my clan from #neybers.

    I've found many on here, shoplook, and pinterest, but am hoping to find more of the talented fine folks I used to follow.

    Were we connected on either neybers or polyvore? Send me a message! I miss you!


    P.S. - steal from my collections. I am an item hoarder and am happy to share. 🙂


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