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    Maybe this is a bit off in a fashion website, but anyway, it's about food, and maybe someone can help/advice. I am on a job which requires a lot of physical effort for hours in a row, including cleaning and carrying bags/heavy loads with my hands from one place to another, and i am small and petite (also that i have some minor back problems). Long ago i was healthy and fit, before my life was ruined by others and certain socioeconomical circunstances, years went by, so i don't have the same physical capacity anymore. I usually have a breakfast with eggs/bread/black coffee to give energy, but often after a couple of hours of efforts i feel sometimes slow/sleepy (suddenly)/depleted of energy as if sugar llevels go low or something. I dont have a proper meal time so i have to carry snacks with me, i have been eating slices of bread or nuts for energy, when i can have 1 minute or 2, but sometimes feels its not i would like to know, if someone knows, what to eat if you dont have time; if your work (in other cases workout) is physically demanding; save money; any advice???
    😞 ps. i don't have much money to buy expensive food, energy bars or suplements, so it is not easy to find options.

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    Perhaps try peanut butter? You can buy inexpensive peanut butter in individual servings that you could dip celery or a cracker in to give you energy. Tuna or orange juice will also give quick energy. I hope this helps you. So sorry for your situation.

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    @wintermoon Hi dear! I don't know what your tastes are like for snacks, but I have gotten some really good 2-5 ingredient healthy make-your-own snacks recipes from Pinterest. Look for recipes that will use some of the ingredients you already have on hand so it will be cost effective. Of course, this is all providing you have time to make them. I hope this helps. 😃

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    Berries are good since they're full of B vitamins. I hope you feel better soon.

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    @wintermoon have you informed your doctor about how you're feeling. This kind of energy depletion could be coming from just a variety of medical conditions, so maybe it's time to get some tests to rule out any medical condition that may be causing this. It may be that you need a lot more rest than you normally get. Food alone isn't the only way we replenish our energy and if this something that is progressively becoming chronic, it really does need some rule out tests. Take care!

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    You're definitely onto a good thing with the nuts. They are a really great source of slow-releasing energy! Fruit juices are also a good pick-me-up as they feel energising, are easy to carry with you and very often contain good nutrients like vitamin C. You can also often pick up the small snack-size bottles as part of a "meal deal" in most supermarkets or buy a large carton quite inexpensively and fill your own bottle to take with you each day. I've also found that splashing cold water on my face and inner wrists can really wake me up when I'm feeling fatigued in the middle of the day or know that I have to get something done.

    Bananas are another option, but are obviously also filling too and not to everybody's taste. As for breakfast, you could give porridge a try, just a day here and there, as it really is a good, stable source of fibre and carbohydrate to set you up for the day.

    But, to be honest, it sounds like everything that you're already doing is great. If you're concerned and it's really affecting your quality of life, you might want to talk to your doctor about it as you might have a deficiency or there may be another underlying cause that they can help you with.

    Hope you feel better soon and you gain back some of that much-deserved energy! 😊

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    I agree with it being a medical condition. Have you ever had your Thyroid levels checked? I have Hypo-Thyroid which means it basically under performs and I have to take meds to help. The medication is not expensive even the non-generic version so if that is the case it is possible to control. Good luck and hopefully everything works out for you dear! 🤗

  • Always good to check with doctor for contributing factors...thyroid, adrenals, etc. I also have health issues. I have found good fats help give me energy and burn slow, as do proteins. Good fats would be avocados, coconut oil, olive oil, sausages, nut butters. I find if I stay away from carbohydrates (bread, cereal, cookies, cakes, etc) I do better. I tend to eat meals high in veggies, seasonal. I eat them with olive oil or cooked in butter or with green salads, good salad dressings made with olive oil or avocado oil. Protein, like eggs, sausage, grass-fed red meat. And some fruits, but not to over due, because again they are high in sugars, though natural. You can look up Ketogenic Diets and get ideas there. I like Dr. Mercola to start. Hope this helps give some ideas! Best of luck. Not having energy or hitting that wall is so difficult! I know it well. I too am on a strict budget but find I can eat this way affordably! If you ever want to pm me feel free.

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    Thank you so much everyone for help, support and tips. At the moment i am working on a remote place so it might take a while to be able to see a doctor. I had these downs on energy often due to depression not long ago (and obviously depression is still set it might affect the flow of stamina...or there is, as some said, something else...) and also temperatures are high here now, which has been something that also makes me more exhausted than mild/cooler temperatures.
    Anyway i am going to try some of the ideas and advices you gave me. Thank you very much everyone 🙂


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