♥ DONATE button is ready - Invest in UR future ♥

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    Hello dear Urstyle friends, I just wanted to let you know that the Donate feature had been set up! 👏 😊

    Now you can contribute (as much as you decide) to the development of our new home, Urstyle! 🌱 ☀ 🌈

    You will find the DONATE button in the 3 lines menu (upper left corner of the screen - please see the attached picture).


    If you want, you can also 🛍 SHOP wonderful Urstyle collection (shirts, bags, tops, backpacks, mugs, toys, baby clothing, phone cases...). All income from the sale of items will be allocated in URSTYLE development! More information about that topic here ⬅

    I hope that each one of us can help Urstyle a little bit - we're getting everything for free anyway - an entire site to play with and enjoy indefinitely 24/7! Let's grow together!

    You can either donate any desired amount, or purchase Urstyle items from the store - whichever you prefer! This is all voluntary, of course! Best wishes! 💝

  • Twisted Gypsies

    Okay I'm gong to weigh in here. I think the concern and the question that needs to be asked so we can be clear is are we eventually going to have to pay a fee to be here? Please don't misunderstand, I do get that URStyle is just beginning to discover that it's going to take money to offset the cost of the enormous amount of work, time and energy its taking and is going to take to actually bring this Site up to PV speed and perhaps better. I'm seeing the trend of advertising your line of products . . . fair enough and now the Donation Page and it just feels like you're testing the water to see if selling logo products and a donation page will help with that offset, but what if it doesn't? We've never had to pay to be on a Moodboard before in any capacity so this is new to all of us.

    While URStyle is not putting any definitive monetary obligations on its' members, I can't help but feel this may be the beginning of what may turn into a possible monthly fee if these two marketing offerings don't bring enough to offset those costs. It's been a concern since PV shut down that Moodboards will eventually start charging us because it's just too expensive to run a Platform like Polyvore for free. It's probably why PV was floundering in its' last few years. Had they come to us and given us the choice, most of us would have agreed to pay, but that's "after" they had provided us with years of high quality of service. URStyle is still pretty much in its' infancy with this and while you've more than proven your willingness to improve, I think opening up a discussion would be a good idea.

    I think it's also important to look at our perspective as well. As members of any Moodboard, we are offering millions of dollars worth of free advertising and marketing power by having having that Moodboard stamp on all our creations (just ask "NoSense". Every Set, Collection and Item 24 million of us ever used is linked to their Site). It's also clear that even if we decide to leave a Moodboard, our data stays and can be recycled by that Moodboard, but that's another aspect for another time.

    So we are giving back as well and also taking the lion's portion of the risk every time we create a Set. We have no protection and we work for free if you look at it from a business point of view. Of course it will be our personal choices to stay or leave, but ya know this is a great Site with a lot of potential, and while I understand this is a huge Platform upgrade, none of us are used to being charged or asked to pay for something we offer Moodboards for free.

    I sincerely hope this doesn't offend anyone in URStyle, it's not meant to. I think this is a great Site and I want to make it my home but I think it's fair to understand both sides of the coin.

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    @rainheartart Hello dear! Thank you for explaining your opinion, it's truly appreciated. 🙂

    The "Donate" button was set up by Urstyle team because a couple of members (including me) asked for that feature. We explained to Urstyle team that we want to help the site development because we know it's costly.

    I posted a topic about that before (2 months ago) and it was approved by many people, you can see it here: https://urstyle.com/topic/450260/suggestion-set-up-a-donate-button-so-that-we-can-help-site-development-i-d-be-happy-to-donate ⭐

    The same was also asked in this topic: https://urstyle.com/topic/1631567/help-urstyle-development-get-beautiful-gifts/16?page=1 ⭐

    Donating or purchasing Urstyle items are both voluntary actions, Urstyle team didn't require anything of us. I just wanted to help them spread the word and develop more quickly, so I think that everyone here had the best intentions. 🙂 💖

    Feel free to ask any additional questions. I will be happy to answer whatever I have the answer for 😊

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    @rainheartart P.S. I apologize for the late reply, it was night in my country and I was sleeping 🙂

  • URSTYLE Team

    @rainheartart Thank you for sharing your concerns. I can guarantee that we will never do something like a "monthly fee" for our users. We are looking only for some resources to cover huge costs like licenses, servers, application development etc.
    Our intention is to build a user-friendly website but our private funds are limited and that's the reason why we are looking for support from the community. 🙂

    @RainHeartArt @cocosun @BlueKnight @sweetaesthetic @effulgence @mormon-girl

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    @admin Thank you very much for clarifying! I think that all of us can agree that Urstyle team is truly doing a great job! 😊 💖

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    @rainheartart By the way, I think that Urstyle collection (store) was Urstyle's attempt to give us something too (a nice memory, or something that we can use). That way we would contribute to the site development and practically get a gift (beside the gift of being able to use this site for free anytime). Shipping for items was also free.

    I did not interpret it as their way to earn because they are already doing everything for free and they clearly stated that all income from the sale of items will be allocated in URSTYLE development - that means funds go in our direction again, they're invested in the site that WE use 🙂

    I hope that you understand me. 💖

  • Twisted Gypsies

    @vn1ta never any question about that. The Team is extraordinary in those efforts and I think I acknowledged that in my Post as well. It was not my intention to disparage URStyle's efforts and I wasn't questioning where the funds were being allocated. It's clear the Platform is complex and expensive. It's just that I felt a few questions needed to be asked and our perspective as members be considered as well. Those questions have been answered and I truly appreciate the responses! 🙂


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