Viewing your old Polyvore profile

  • @nansg glad I could help ☺❤

  • @sylvie-dupuy @sylvie-dupuy unfortunately not every page from Polyvore was saved on the site 😞 it basically acts as an interactive screenshot to a degree.
    On my old Polyvore pages there are only 5 and 20 screenshots whereas other members have 100+ pages saved on there.

    You can type the old Polyvore profile address and homepage in the web archive and there should be Loads and loads of pages saved for you to find collections, sets and items and hopefully find items that you like. Maybe even old members you used to follow.
    Pintereest may also be an option. If you go onto Pinterest and type in your old Polyvore username there’s an 80% chance or near about that some of your sets were saved onto there. Through that, you can use their image identification tool to search for items in that set.
    If you need anymore help with anything just message me and I can explain it 🙂 ❤


    @ahngelical I totally understand, perhaps my profile didn't saved after all. I only could rescue all my sets when the Polyvore team announce to asking our profiles to zip our sets and save them. So, I have all my sets on my laptop. I just want it to know if there was a possibility to clip some of my items here... But well, I'm happy to have with me all my sets that I made there. Thanks a lot for the answer! 🙂 ❤

  • @johbri johbri @johbri when you downloaded the ZIP file SSENSE gave us of our old Polyvore profiles, there wasn’t enough data to recover things like templates, items and collections, for the Urstyle to upload onto this site. So unfortunately anything other than sets and set descriptions are lost 😞

    I’m not sure what the Urstyle team have with plans for templates like we had on Polyvore but I believe a few people have suggested that feature.
    Same goes for a way to organise items. So far, you can add items individually to a collection and then view that collection in the editor. The Urstyle team are exploring ways to organise items in a better system.

    If naming items you mean when you upload them onto Urstyle; if you have the clipper installed, once you’ve clicked the image you want to upload, you simply write the title name and clip.
    If it’s in terms of a group of items named something eg, dresses, fillers, shoes, backgrounds ect. You can still do so by adding them to collections.

    With the web archive, In short, the web archive takes ‘active’ screenshots of webpages meaning you can scroll and click and interact with the page to a degree, but not fully. With Polyvore profiles, even if a page from your profile was saved, it doesn’t guarantee that all the items also had their pages saved by the web archive.
    If you are able to access your items page, or items in a set ( again, in the luck that the set page was saved ) you can add the Pinterest add on and save the image and then upload the image from Pinterest to urstyle using their clipper ( I hope that makes sense)

    It’s all a bit confusing at first and I hope even a little bit of this makes sense, if you need any help at all I can try and help.
    You can also make a post on the help section for any questions you have and allow other members to suggest ideas and solutions. The team are amazing at responded to you can always directly message them if you need help ❤

  • @sylvie-dupuy if you search ‘polyvore’ And your old Polyvore username you may be able to find your old sets on there too. This is a video I made on how to use their identification tool. On desktop, you can click the three dots on an image and search for items that way.

    Buttttt Pinterest is pasically the sister site for Polyvore items, the amount of collections with Polyvore items is amazing so I would highly suggest checking it out ❤


    @ahngelical Thanks a lot! I'll do it what you mentioned. Thanks again! 😉 🙂

  • hi darlin i'm not that good with computer searching for mine, could someone help me my polyvore name was cloe or cloe H, and had used facebook to sign in to polyvore.. i would greatly appreciate the help
    love cloe

  • Magazine Look

    @cloezplace Hi 🙂 Is this your Polyvore profile: ?

    You can ask for help in the HELP section: (you normally access it via COMMUNITY link (on top of the site) and then select HELP from the categories list). Also, feel free to message me for assistance. 💝

  • Aesthetic Vibes

    OMG thank you so much! I never imagine that I get to actually see my old profile again, it's :")

  • Polyfam

    Thank you so much 🙂 I am so happy I was able to find mine too 🙂

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