Cheap and good places of serving food that you recommend in well-known tourist cities! ;)

  • Poland, Warsaw:

    Cô Tú bar
    Vietnamese dishes - i love shrimp on a hot plate and beef on a hot plate with sesame seeds.
    Address: Nowy Świat 22/28a, 01-999 Warszawa

    google photos and map

    Lick your fingers! 😄

  • Poland, Warsaw

    Toan Pho bar
    Vietnamese dishes - real great Bún bò !
    Address: 00-021, Chmielna 5, 00-001 Warszawa

    google photos and map

  • What an awesome topic!!

    My hometown is Orlando, Florida (home of Disney World, so a big tourist place haha) my favorite restaurants there are: Black Bean Deli (Cuban food); Pho 88 (Vietnamese), Hawkers (Asian Street Food), and Crispers (a local sandwich chain). Those are the places I ALWAYS have to visit when I go back.

    Now, I live in the San Francisco Bay area, which also gets a lot of tourists! Darren's Cafe near Fisherman's Wharf is awesome and cheap for that area! It's Vietnamese with some typical American items on the menu as well.

    In the East Bay/Oakland/Berkeley Area, I LOVE: Kim's (a Banh Mi place), Boss Burger, Indian Flavors Express, La Mission Taqueria... and definitely more that I am forgetting right now 🙂


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