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    Thank you so very much for all of this information. I was on Polyvore for about 9 years and I have been so lost without it. Upon finding this site I just smiled pretty much for the first time since Polyvore sold us out. I look forward to getting the hang of your site and uploading my Polyvore sets. Thanks and I look forward to a more user friendly site.

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    Thank you so much for all the work you are putting into making the former Polyvore community comfortable here. We really appreciate it. You have a great site! I love all the additions you have listed. I wanted to add a function to my wish list for you to consider in the future. A item organizer. I know we can make collections. However, this function isn't a good long term way to keep items organized. At Polyvore we were able to tag items and quickly and easily find them when they were needed. Thank you again for all the work you are doing! I'm enjoying looking around your lovely site.

  • @olivpear said in Dear POLYVORE Users!:

    which would be a social network build around fashion and art.

    your site is incredible thus far and i'm so thankful for the poly import feature. i'm incredibly hopeful to see what you add for the "art" section of this social network. i noticed there is no "art" category in the forums. will that be added soon? poly users not only created visual artwork but participated in writing groups. it's a very large part of your new community and the ex-polyfam and we're very grateful and excited to see the changes that will be made to accommodate us! 🙂

  • Art Expression

    Thank you for all your hard work! I would be excited to see an "ART" option on your site as well!

  • You all need to get some social media going! This is so hidden in the news! Seems like someone at SSENSE decided not to have the expense of the operation and storage for the collage app and you all were not ready to allow for import. What happens with the copyrights on the old sets? Does it end? And if we transfer over does it continue??? Thanks TASMANIA!! alt text

  • Hi Oliwia ... this sounds so good, thank you. I've tried to upload my own pictures and especially my Poly-Sets - but: how does it works? I can't find any upload-button on my profile nor on your site (sorry) - it would be really great if this would work. Also I think, that the whole site is very very slow to me. Thanks for your help and your efforts! firstclass1

  • Art Expression

    This is awesome! I have been trying other sights but I really like Urstyle because of its ease of use. I like the features it offers and that fact that there are plans for future tools is great news. I can hardly wait to be able to add my own text to my set. Thank you for everything you are doing, I love this place. 🙂

  • @olivpear you’re made my daysince I found your site!!!!*)

  • @olivpear ... in the meantime I found your description how to upload the Polyvore-Zip - I've tried to do it step by step according your description, but it don't work! I always have the message that it is an incorrect file 😞 what can I do now?


  • Ciao,
    grazie per aver rimodernato l'editor e dato la possibilità di importare oggetti.
    Volevo dirti che la funzione importa oggetti ha molte difficoltà e sono riuscita ad importare pochissimi oggetti.
    Può essere che ci siano delle modificazioni da fare.
    Vorrei suggerirti di inserire nell'editor un semplice tasto ritaglia immagine per rendere il ritaglio preciso e veloce.
    Mi sono iscritta ed attendo che il tutto sia funzionante.
    Dstinti saluti

  • @ahlexandra
    Lo spero anche io.

  • @artgivesmelife
    E' anche il mio desiderio.

  • Don't worry! Be happy! ☺

    Hi! I am so glad that you are working so hard to make polyvore users feel at home, thank you! The site is great, very promising, I'm excited to see the new features. I have a few suggestions - although you probably thought of these yourselves, I'll mention them anyway. It would be great if we could add items to collections more simply, that is by browsing through all of our items and checking the ones we would like to add to the collection. Also, I would love it if we could edit collections (edit the title, remove items) and delete items and collections. Also, the option to add tags to items would be useful. And the ability to search items and collections!
    Again, thank you for creating a substitute for polyvore so quickly! 🙂

  • K-pop inspired by sets

    This is great! Thank you so much for harbouring us Polyvore users with such precision.

  • @olivpear
    Hello Oliwia,
    Much appreciate that you & your friends are trying to make a home here for the polyfam.
    I did artistic sets, interior spaces occasionally fashion. and right now not feeling your site. Things that need to improve for me.
    Love the slide bar, to work in the negative space. but it should be there even after we crop. fading in pictures is a big deal. so a better cropping tool should be 1st on your list, please. maybe add shapes too. Not seeing what we are moving around the outline for me is to light. ( as is the text in the comments also way to small) and clicking on it does not show up in the boxes, so you are guessing what you what to move. Something that I wished Polyvore had was a lockdown everything used. and then we can uncheck it to move it. for in poly your whole set jump when trying to move one piece.
    You have promising plans for the future will be looking forward to seeing them come to light. Good luck.
    I know there are many companies trying to win polyfam to there sites. seeing that many are new, funding may be tight. How about a merge? We all win you all get the traffic. We get a new playground faster.

  • Top Sets

    Hi @olivpear 🙂 please, you can try improve the technique of trimming items, would be just great, to trim items with ease, straight and without those gray lines at the end of trimming. I think, it eased the process of creating a set. Here is an example: how it looked on Polyvore I would be very grateful, if you would consider this possibility. And it would be wonderful to also add a category of text, where there would be different fonts, that we could use in the set and edit. Here's an example: 0_1523975716363_v4-728px-Use-Polyvore-Step-10-Version-2.jpg On polyvore, when someone liked a set, on polyvore likes were counted automatically. Here shows not the number of sets and their name. And when there is a large number of liked sets need time all to count. It would be really great to add these features in the near future. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart for your great work, for your efforts and help, to make us feel good here. You are very kind and do a wonderful job! Best wishes, Danielle.

  • Hey! Thank you so much for being responsive and for trying to give us poly refugees a new home! One suggestion that I haven't seen made yet would be a way to edit collections (such as removing images or rearranging them). So if you could maybe think of adding that to a future update:) I know you guys are trying hard to add as many new features as you can which I super appreciate!

  • Hi, new comer from polyvore here, just wanted to know if there are directions on how to upload old sets? I'm trying my best to figure this all out. Thank you so much! -Nikole

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