Member Uploads: What’s okay to use and what isn't

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    @funkyjunkygypsy LOL, the alien, love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Glad you found the information helpful!!! That's what I was hoping for. 😁

    using a company name or some sort of logo that indicates it's your Set would be a way for other members to recognize if they try and claim it's theirs, the proof is directly in the Set that it's not true. This also helps when we upload our Sets to other social media sites, who do not claim ownership of Intellectual Property.

    Exactly! Of course, when using art from this website or art created by others, it can be a sticky situation, but if all you're doing is claiming that the design, presented as a graphic, is original to you, I think that would solve a lot of problems.

    Of course, anyone can up or download anything on social media sites. There's no rules preventing this, so the reality of the risks are there. It's a personal choice on whether we're willing to take that risk. I put a recognition mark that only I can see inside my Sets in random places and I also put the name of my company that's clearly visible.

    Very smart. I guess the one that only you can see is hidden behind something and shows up in ITEMS USED? That will only help you here on UrStyle, so it's smart to put a second mark that is clearly visible. ☺

    Blocking a member will also keep them from being able see your Page at all, so that's another options.

    Very true... though they can create a second account and view them that way. And at that point, reporting them for violating Terms of Service is warranted, as I believe UrStyle identifies us by our IP -- which may not work if one is using a smartphone or tablet and changing locations or using an IP blocker. So, it comes down to marking your work as clearly as you can, keeping fingers crossed, and explaining to Violators what they may have unknowingly done and asking them to remove your Set or graphic. And when they give you a hard time, well, how you handle that is up to the individual. I personally love the 'shaming Set' method, but if someone was really an asshle about it, I would likely help myself to one of their Sets (the image) upload it giving it a sarcastic name, and post a Set using it, dedicated to the asshle -- a sort of "This is how it feels." lesson. But that's just me. 🤪

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    @sjlew I knew you would! 👽 💙 👽

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    @funkyjunkygypsy I think the bottom line here is that we're choosing to take the risks that come with being on a moodboard site of any kind, but we have to understand those risks and it's always a plus if we can find ways to protect our Intellectual Property, which is our designs. We're the only ones that can implement those safeguards so it's really good to get feedback from each other.

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    @rainheartart Agreed 100%!!! Well put! 👍 💙 👍

  • @funkyjunkygypsy Well thank you so much for your (once again 👍 😉 ) "detailed" reply! It does not surprise me AT ALL that your instructions to make the paper airplane were the most precise to result in the correct outcome!! ☺
    Over the past many months I have definitely noticed items of yours that you simply label "FJG" and I was aware that URSTYLE does rename the items (computer generated numbering, etc.)... So I guess I should have thought it through more before I made the queries I did! 😏
    Anyway, I appreciate all of your time & effort in bringing these things to our attention!! Also, very interesting that your college major was psychology! If you don't mind sharing, what major line of work did you use your degree for?

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    @girlyideas said in Member Uploads: What’s okay to use and what isn't:

    It was usually an obstinate child

    The obstinate child I can handle. Children tend to be immature and can be taught to be polite, considerate, empathic, and respectful. An adult who should already know all these things is harder for me to understand and excuse…

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    @pwhiteaurora You want the long version or the short version? 😉

  • Although I read this string of posts some time ago, I reread it today b/c of ongoing issues with the items I clip being used immediately by other members. I realize that once the items are on URStyle they're no longer exclusively mine & it sounds like they can be found by searching on an item name. That said, I am now immediately moving clipped items into private collections. I don't have any issue with someone using items from my published sets, but as far as I'm concerned, they can find & clip their own items instead of raiding someone else's as soon they appear. In fact, I'd be happy to share a copious list of the websites I frequently use to anyone who asks. Thanks for allowing me to vent!


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