l3g3ndary on polyvore!

  • roleplay ideas

    im new here but i used to rp all the time back when polyvore was still a thing. i miss polyvore SO MUCH and im super sad i lost some really good conversations with really good people! but i missed role playing a lot and just making new characters and scenarios, i wanted to give this website a try! send me a message if ur interested in rping with me ❤ thank uuuu

    tey ❤

  • GBU-reunite

    @luvtobi0 Some of us from the Polyvore rp community reunited and created a little community here! Feel free to message me if you would like to join! Also if you were into the writing kind of roleplay I follow some of those members as well.

  • @ana-banana I just found this site as well after missing polyvore so much! I used to rp too omg, i love finding other people who used to do the same thing, so nostalgic! 🙂


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