Really slow site??

  • Poetry In Motion (Art Group)

    Hi All, Is anyone else experiencing really slow loading times, especially in create mode. I am finding it takes ages to load an item onto the create page and taking ages to save a draft. Many thanks Ollie

  • CHANGE IT UP 2.o

    Yes it is slow, yesterday, my clipper was slow too.

  • Poetry In Motion (Art Group)

    @sjlew Thank you, getting frustrated and about to log out for now. I cannot load an item onto my create space at the moment.

  • CHANGE IT UP 2.o

    Took me hours to make a decor set, I was about ready to give up, hope it works better soon, maybe too much traffic, or bad weather

  • Yesterday was most frustrating ....slow, slow for seems to be better so far.

  • Poetry In Motion (Art Group)

    @artsdesireable I just logged back on and went straight to create a set, not much better than a few hours ago. Will email admin. Thank you for response.

  • Interior Designers

    For many days, I can't save images with the clipper.
    I think UR should improve its services. These failures didn't happen in Polyvore.

  • Poetry In Motion (Art Group)

    @cmb51 Have not been able to use the clipper for months, I save all my items through the upload items under the items tab on profile.

  • @ollie I would like to learn how to save my items this way. I found several of my items that don't appear to be uploaded, and I'm not sure how to upload them once they are selected. Do you have a tutorial on how to do this? Thank you.

  • Poetry In Motion (Art Group)

    @kelly Hi Kelly, I will do my best to explain. There is a couple of ways. Also some websites encrypt their image files and no matter what you do you will never upload it. (see bottom paragraph)

    Firstly save the item you want to your device. I do this by right clicking on the image and choosing "Save image as" it generally goes to your download folder on your device, but you can choose to save the image wherever you want, or even create a new folder. If you use removebg to remove backgrounds choose download and again the image will generally go to your download folder.

    On your profile choose the items tab and the following will appear

    When you want to upload the image you have saved, click on the add items button and the following will appear

    Choose upload from disk and a window will appear, make sure on the left hand side you have chosen the folder you want ie download and on the right hand side will be the images. Generally the image you want is at the top on the right side, choose the image and then press open, bottom right hand side.

    In Urstyle the image file will show where Upload From Disk once was. In Urstyle give your image a Title and a description if you want and then press save. This process on a good day takes a few seconds but just like any other day sometimes it can take awhile for the image to appear. You can choose multiple files in this process (up to five I think) if you want to do a bulk upload.

    The other way is to directly copy and paste your link into Paste image URL on the Add Items window, then give it a title and press save. Personally I do not use this way much as I remove most of my backgrounds and they download.

    Hope all of this helps. Just something to also remember is that some websites encrypt their image files and no matter what you do, you will never upload it. If this happens and I really want the image, I usually do a google image search (right click on image) and see if I can source it somewhere else.

  • @ollie Thank you so much for the detailed instructions. 🙏 I will try your first suggestion the next I have an item that I really want to add.


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