Zodiac Colors for 2022

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    So exciting to see people entering this contest already! However, there are unfortunately a lot of sets entered which are not eligible to win. Please be contentious of the requirement that at least three colors from a zodiac’s palette must be combined in one set in order for it to win. I also mentioned that you should be trying to get close to the colors, but I won’t be a stickler on the exact shade matching. However, if it is unclear from the set which color scheme you are emulating, then it can’t win either. I’ll be checking titles and descriptions to see if I’m just missing it, but so far, a lot of sets don’t seem to be valid! Like I said, the set doesn’t need to be about the zodiac sign; this is focused more on the color scheme. But if your color scheme isn’t clearly one of the assigned zodiac palettes, then it doesn’t fit the parameters of this contest.

    So make sure you’re really focused on the unique color schemes that each sign has. And use at least three! More is encouraged!

    If you just want to make general ones for zodiacs, those sets will be relevant only in different contests. Like any Capricorn sets can be entered in that current contest, regardless of the colors.

    I hope this helps clarify?

    Although I think your monochromatic sets are beautiful, this is about mixing at least three of these colors together!

    Thank you for entering and good luck with creating!


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