Delete groups? Or at least change their name?

  • So I started this group about two years ago, and it hasn't been been active. I don't have any interest in the group anymore, and I want to delete it, but I don't see an option to do that, so I thought maybe I'd change the name of the group and essentially create a new group in its place. Can't do that, either. I'm the only member of the group, I can't leave the group because I'm an admin, and it's taking up unnecessary space. Is there something I'm missing?
    If there's no option to do either of those things, I would like to see it become an option in the next update.

    (I'm using my laptop, BTW, in case it makes a difference)

  • Morbid Curiosities

    Hi! I had the same problem as i made a typo in my groups name and asked for help when @admin was answering us regularly. There is not fix for this, you can't delete or even edit a group's name! So just "Let it go", it's one of the bad glitches Urstyle has. Best to you. xox!


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