Connectivity + Loading Issues

  • Multiple pages throughout the site seem broken. Sets, profiles, items, feeds, collections, etc...nothing is loading properly. It's basically impossible to get anything done on the site right now. These things have been slowly loading off-and-on for at least a week now. Like pages of items in the editor taking five minutes to load. How can you make a set with that happening? It's becoming increasingly frustrating trying to use urstyle, which is such a shame! I'm not sure what the cause of the loading issue is, but I sincerely hope it can be fixed soon. Thank you, admin, if you're able to look into it ♡

  • You guys used to use your twitter account when you were updating the site. Is it possible to get this kind of feedback from you all again? It's nice to know what's going on, at least every once in a while! Because if these issues are just a process / step in a greater update, I think more people will be willing to be patient and understanding.

    I get that you might not want your official twitter only full of updates about glitches. But if that's the case, perhaps you can make a second official account specifically for these tweets?

    Just curious as to what is going on, since this slow loading / not loading at all has been going on so long!

  • Agreed! I was just in the process of making a set and all other tabs wouldn't work (profiles, collections, items, etc.) but the creator was actually working for a while (the only thing working tho.) Then it just stopped working. 🤔 Someone on another thread said their in the process of updating the website? Wonder how long it's going to take?

  • I've had the same issues and I thought it was just me! I haven't been able to upload or even work on any sets for about a week now. No items load while in the 'create a set' mode and the lack of updates or general communication is so annoying. I hope it is just due to an update to the site.

  • Every day is a different problem going on around here. It's extremely frustrating. Extremely. These days it was slow, very slow, nothing on the site loaded but clipped items/images, now it's not slow but clipped items/images don't appear. Honestly, as you said, it's a shame because the site is good and brings happiness to all of us, however, the admins don't let us know about anything.

  • The Story Corner

    @e-lysium Today I can't get on at all on Chrome, and when I get on using Safari it has huge writing and small pictures and everything is unaligned! 😢
    @admin It looks like this
    0_1628246199587_Screenshot 2021-08-06 at 11.34.31.png

  • @auntiehelen

    So sorry, Helen!!!!! This would be so frustrating. I hope it's resolved soon :(

  • The Story Corner

    @e-lysium I have found out that it works on my iPad in Safari and on my MacBook if I open a new Incognito window on Chrome!!! The latter means signing in every time, but I prefer to work on the MacBook; so I shall hang in there till it's fixed !!!!!😘

  • I've had this problem for the last few weeks now. And it is VERY frustrating! Admin said on another post that it was because of site maintenance (or something along those lines) and when I replied saying that unfortunately the site was still running slow for me, I got no reply back.

    Not only is it frustrating not being able to use the site but not getting any real responses from admin is the worse thing about this to me. Communication has been so bad on here lately. A couple of other users have tried to get in touch with admin over facebook etc. and they also haven't got any response 😞

    It's such a wonderful community & creative space on here so I really hope we all get some answers soon and that the site gets back to normal asap.


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