Twisted Gypsies ✨Words of Inspiration✨ Contest

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    Use any saying, expression, quote, or adage that YOU PERSONALLY connect to and find inspiring.
    Create a Set around it that conveys your chosen Words of Inspiration.
    The wording must be typed or appear as a graphic within your Set.

    🔹 Unlimited Entries
    🔹 Old & New Sets (Polyvore, too!)
    🔹 15 Winners!
    🔹 30 Days To Inspire Others!

    🔹 Interior Sets may use the Words of Inspiration as art displayed in the room.
    The room itself must reflect the feel, mood, or message of the inspiration words used.
    🔹 Art and Doll Sets of any genre may be entered.
    🔹 Moodboards encouraged but NOT REQUIRED and will not affect judging.
    🔹 As always, NO FASHION SETS. They will get the dreaded Alien. 👽

    🔹 Sharing why the Words of Inspiration resonate with you, either in your Description or on the Set itself (using TEXT), is appreciate but NOT REQUIRED.


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