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  • Cheap but Trendy

    I am a little bored during lockdown. Anyone want me to design a custom interior set for them.?

    If yes answer these 4 simple questions :

    1 - what room do you want?
    2 - what style of design?
    3-what colours do you like?
    4-any budget or stores to include?

  • I would like an office. It's a clean slate except for these musts (these things I have already done) white walls, wood laminate flooring that is rustic (think brown, tan, and gray medium shades), and matchstick blinds that are a medium brown. Oh, I forgot. One wall has a large 4x6 whiteboard. I am teaching after school. Right now, I have my computer and printer on a folding desk LOL.

    I have sliding French doors on one wall (they must stay too.) I have another door just across from the French doors. I have a slight bump out on one of the walls without a door, but it has electrical outlets. I cannot add a built in bench. The ceiling has an awkward trey ceiling, but I like it. I forgot, I need to keep the new propeller light fan too.

    Here's the thing. I need enough space to fit two office chairs but only along one wall. I want to keep things inexpensive too but functional. I need some type of filing system (the more the better so a tiny two cabinet system isn't enough.) I also plan on placing a library full of inherited leather bound books in the office. This space is rather large. I would say 10x13. It could definitely be a bedroom except it doesn't have a closet.

    I feel bad about this, but I would like to add a little space to put in a flatscreen of some sort for exercise videos. Sorry, I think this is a horrible task. Don't feel bad if you are not interested. It's overwhelming for me. That is why it will be the last room I tackle for my upgrade.

    The house is 20 years old. We are revamping every room to some degree.

    I guess that is about it.

  • Cheap but Trendy

    @maisondeforgeron wow that's a detailed explanation.
    I'll try my best.

  • Cheap but Trendy

    @maisondeforgeron I tried with the room design. Hope you like it. I gave it a modern style with a hint of boho.

    I also described what is on which wall in the description of the set.

    If you ever use my idea or even parts of it I'd love to see photos if you could message me any.

  • @dotingsage Sorry. I was so excited by the idea, I didn't even pay attention to what you asked for such as price and style. The one you created was fantastic. I hope you enjoyed me as a client.

  • Cheap but Trendy

    @maisondeforgeron I'm glad you liked my design. Was a great challenge. I guessed on the colours and matched what you told me your blinds were. So went for grey and yellow with neutral tones.

  • Cheap but Trendy

    @maisondeforgeron p. S. All the items are available to be purchased. I tried my best to find cheap items for you as you requested inexpensive.

  • Luxury Rules

    @dotingsage Hi just now seeing this I would be curious to see how my idea I have for my condo will look. I am head over heels for RH furniture items. I love their big pieces, but I have not taken the time to complete a look. I love their large sofas and glass or wooden tables with rounded edges. So a living room with the idea of a fireplace in the room. Colors neutrals with Navy, Emerald, and Ruby pillows. Lighting on side tables, throws. This all upscale, luxury items. Their is no limit on price. This is for a water view condo. Let me know if you have questions. ( image url)


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