🥳 White and... Christmas WINNERS♥🥳

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    MESSAGE FROM @KRISTINA [you can find the original post here https://urstyle.fashion/topic/2418484/white-and-christmas-winners]

    "Hello designers!
    Hope your Christmas was wonderful and peaceful.
    I am late with the announcement and I am not much active overall but on Dec, 29th here in Croatia we had devastating earthquake in our inland. It was 6.2 Richter scale and people died, lots of houses and apartments are in ruins. Here in my home city we felt it even though we are 100 km away. It was scary... I am on a 5th floor in an old building and beneath us is water. I felt it like a waves while I was standing on the boat. But we didn't have any damage, we were only scared.
    But people in epicenter took it hard. All Europe are sending help, food, clothes, containers and mobile houses. Lots of volunteers are on the field helping people. Hospitals, schools, downtown district... everything is ruined.
    I wasn't much in the mood to celebrate new year and with all this covid situation it was quiet night at home with my family. I am so thankful for my family, friends, warm home and life ahead.

    But on the bright side we have winners of the White and... Christmas! Lots of great entries, some were not christmasy and some didn't follow the rules of the contest. Even though they were nice and pretty and I am thankful for the entries, unfortunately they are not eligible to win, you know that...

    1st place White & Fir Green by @pusja76
    This green color has been favorite for me lately, I love it with the white and silver. And that dog is gorgeous, chandelier is gorgeous, tree is amazing! If you have time read the info about it in the description of the set 😉

    2nd place Purple & White Christmas by @Sapora
    Oh boy, what a great tree! And vase and art on the wall... And my favorite color with white put together perfectly!
    Love the bow on the top of the tree!

    3rd place Christmas white and gold 2020 by @idetached
    Very beautiful vignette with classic white and gold colors. Love that white houses next to the tree...

    4th place White & Red by @Ana Angie
    Wonderful decoration on the mantle in striking red and elegant white. What is so interesting in that mirror I wonder...?

    5th place Neo Mint Christmas by @Ollie
    Oh, my, this is mint wonderland! Never seen that color combo for Christmas! And it's gorgeous! Love that gnome!!! Hello there mister!!

    6th place White and Gold by @eco-art
    Unusual Christmas tree I must say but I find it fantastic! Especially in this room and decor provided. Those alcoves are perfect for art display. Beautiful room.

    7th place Christmas Inspiration by @Lacas
    Such a lovely moodboard in white and gold! Beautiful items for a beautiful Christmas!

    8th place Joy by @Laughingdog
    Gorgeous light blue and white Christmas decor! And great moodboard!

    9th place White and Purple by @sjlew
    Wonderful purple balls on a white tree! and White and purple presents, such a lovely white cat and gorgeous, plush chair! I can see myself sitting there...

    10th place Almost A White Christmas by @Bev
    Gold and white Christmas decor is just wonderful. So many details arranged with love... Beautiful scene...

    Here is the shortcut to congratulate winners https://urstyle.fashion/contest/3288-white-and-christmas

    NOTE: Don't forget about great Grab'n'Go 19 with Jacky's art https://urstyle.fashion/contest/3323-grabngo-19-flip-this-artist-jacky-krielaart-sapora
    Also you can get to know our artist better if you join Q&A in our forum. Find out what inspire her, what is her favorite color, artists, about her personality...
    Have a great day designers♥"


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    @luckied99 thank you so much, and congrats to everyone!

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    You've brightened my day! Thank you so much for my place among these gorgeous rooms. These are all so beautiful in different ways! Congratulations to all the winners!

  • CHANGE IT UP 2.o

    Thank you so much sweeties for wins, extra blessing for Kristina and thankful she is safe. Congratulations ladies, so beautiful!

  • Twisted Gypsies

    @luckied99 Gorgeous Wining Sets! Such talented designers! 🎅 CONGRATS and HAPPY 2021! 🎅

  • CHANGE IT UP 2.o

    Thanks so much for the 3rd place win. Congratulations to all the other creative winners.


    Congratulations to the winners!! all the designs are very beautiful!👏 👏


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