JUN 4: Featured sets / Home Page

  • @admin, @noralyn I have been with Urstyle for at least a year+ now. I think I've noticed my set featured once in a whole year. I see the same people featured over and over again which is fine (many are very talented), however, I think that I'm pretty darn good at putting my creative sets together too. Perhaps many of my followers and potential followers may be inspired through my creativity. I clip many sources to find unique & original items to create with. I feel that there must be a glitch in the "random" choosing of these sets. Otherwise, I would see more of my sets on the featured page. I am on Urstyle daily so, where is the fairness?

  • Art Expression

    I have the same probelm also. I think they featured set that have high liked. Mine only reached below 20. So it means no feature. some set can get high likes 40+, I will never get that high I don't know why. Maybe my creation is not as good as theirs. I know I created good sets and have won many when I entered contest. So I do't know the answer. Yes. there is no fairness, I agree with you.


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