Clipper not working

  • Don't worry! Be happy! ☺

    My clipper has not worked for about 2 weeks now...?? any suggestions?

  • I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions, I have the same problem. It is stuck on the log in pop-up for me.

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    My Clipper is not working but I am still able to add items to make sets from my Items page. Here are the steps to do it if needed. I haven't had any issues uploading new images this way. Takes a little bit of extra work but it works.


    1.) Go to your profile and from the menu bar select the Items Tab.

    2.) On the Items page click the Add Items Button.

    3.) A smaller window will open called Add items.

    4.) Enter the URL to the image you want to upload from the web.

    5.) Enter a Image Name and Description in the appropriate fields.

    6.) Click the Save Button.

    If there are any issues, you will get a message stating the image was not uploaded. If there are no issues, the image will be saved and shows up on your item page.

    Takes a little extra work to manually copy the web link to the image you want to upload but it works!

    Hope this helps.


  • My clipper HAS been working but now it isnt? It isnt even showing my items I clipped in the uploading feed in my item organizer. It's not showing them as rejected either.... sigh

  • Don't worry! Be happy! ☺

    @curekitty Thanks so much! I'll give it a try.
    I was thinking the clipper would start working again but its been weeks.
    Syl 🙂

  • CureKtity's Fabulous PolyFriends

    @syl-cameojewels Me too but maybe with the Corona Virus problems around the world, can't be fixed just yet by Urstyle??? Admin stated in another topic that problem was due to the latest Chrome upgrade and it caused the clipper to start working. So maybe the issue is with Google and with other pressing issues of the day, something like this will be put off until a later date. I'm just Thankful the manual way still works. I've upload quite a bit doing it that way.

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