[ALL ARE WELCOME] Robot Unicorn Attack: A Collaborative Writing Project


    hi friends it is me and I am back on my bullshit

    @fleetingfanfan has been helping me re-vitalize an RP idea I had like a year and a half ago & did nothing with (besides make a huge pinterest board) until literally 4 days ago. basically: sparkly space fantasy robot unicorns & super lit aesthetics

    official description:

    Robot unicorn racing: a sport dubbed as ‘glitter-clad annihilation’ by Unicorn City’s most infamous tabloids–and rightfully so. Racers decked out in jewels and gemstones gallop through the treacherous tracks in surprisingly functional stilettos, dashing recklessly through shimmering stars and maneuvering their way around deadly plasma beams, running the risk of smashing their unicorns into its component robot parts when they misjudge that one tricky jump….

    Indeed, robot unicorn racing is a candy-coated cream puff of a sport with a tough-as-nails center. Racers jump and chase high scores and gold medals in a pre-teen girl’s fever dream made flesh with a skill and precision that makes the brutal sport look pretty.

    But even with all the glitz and glamour of the industry, insiders will tell you that there is nothing even remotely pretty about the machinations that go on behind-the-scenes. The hours are long, the competition is cutthroat, and most of all, the higher you climb, the harder you fall…

    links to full info & all can be found here

    everything is very chill, very lowkey. write when you want to - Fanfan & I are going to be posting some event prompts for people to respond to when they feel like it. & ofc, we are always down to plot!

    One thing to note: this project will mostly be based on tumblr. if you have an account & wanna join, hmu with your URL & I shall add you. if you don't, you can either make one rq or I can post everything for you! ❤

    if you have any q's message me anytime ❤ Other people who will potentially be involved include Semp and Elissa. there are technically a limited # of spots because this is based off a game that gives you different unicorns, but tbh I'm totally open to having more characters. we will figure it out!

    if you're curious to the loose pre-mades I have so far, @ me and I will also paste them in. But just as a disclaimer, you can literally change anything about the pre-made besides their unicorn/the planet they race for. like, I made them in the spur of the moment and some of them are def. not very coherent lol

    ❤ ❤


    you know im soooooo in on this

  • @ayzrules This is kind of amazing

  • little quirks of fate

    I'm not entirely sure why (aside from I've been looking for a tumblr RP for ages now since all of the ones I was part of have sort of died), but I'm all for this. LOL


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