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  • Decor Amour

    @luckied99 Excellent suggestions! I like seeing ALL of the sets from my group members too. It sure is a time saver on busy days.

  • Design Styles Defined

    @admin it means the app is the clone of the website. Right now it looks more like a responsive website than a mobile app. Instead, we expect the features and functions that reflect the main idea of the desktop website to perform in few taps or scrolls, making the usage as simple and straightforward as possible.
    For instance, it’s very hard to crop items using the ‘custom background’ tool, because the crop marks are very large, especially in portrait mode.
    Please, make it available in landscape mode!
    I’m on iPad, using iOS latest version.
    Once again, thank you very much for all the hard work! Cheers!

  • URSTYLE Team

    @luckied99 great topic, thank you! we will check your suggestions and add to our TODO list.

    One clarification :

    GROUPS PRIVATE means private...others that are not part of the group shouldn't be able to SEE activity in the group.

    Public groups are visible by everyone and anyone can join
    Private groups are private, visible by everyone but admin must approve new users
    Hidden groups are hidden and not visible to other users at our search results

    so basically you can set your group ad private & hidden to others

  • CHANGE IT UP 2.o

    @admin So are you saying that HIDDEN would mean ONLY MEMBERS CAN browse around the group forum topics and contest and such? I will test it out...thanks so much D. CHeers 😘 Kisha


    @admin Can I haver a sound or something to let me now about a new notification? I mean, I only can see notifications when I'm on the app but if I'm outside the app I don't know if I'm getting likes, comments, etc. Is there a way to do that? I have on all the notifications sounds in settings.

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