Model help!

  • Hi, does anyone know of any female models (passing for 17-18) who look cute and feisty?

  • Genevieve VanDam
    Aparna Brielle
    Amelia Zadro
    Jordan Daniels
    Kiran Kandola
    Dasha Malentina
    Annabel Smit
    Mia Speicher
    Eniola Abioro
    Jamea Alynee
    Alannah Walton
    Sari Arambulo

  • Oh a fun challenge. I’ll try and look some up later when I have a bit of time

  • Without even searching, Poppy Okotcha sticks out in my head. She is the cutest and the feistiest thing I've ever seen. I adore her.

    I have this collection which is just full of young faces in general. My personal choices from there might be Samantha Ellsworth, Brionka Halbert, Binx Walton, Brittany Noon, Vega Essermeant, Inka Williams, Magherita Boffetta, Cai Lee, Zoe Jungbluth, Hiandra Martinez, or Manuela Sanchez.

    This girl looks like someone I would have been intimidated by in high school lmao. But also probably just bc I had a crush on her and then didn't know I was gay. Soft sighs. Clarice Cazauran, I believe. P sure she's just on insta, so that's probably not that helpful.

    Now I'm going to log off instagram and find something actually helpful, although Amanda did a wonderful job above too. I just love model hunting games and couldn't resist.

    And I know before I even start that I am really the worst with the passing 17-18 part, so apologies in advance. #JeSuisGarbage

    Luna Montana
    Sparkish Kid
    Roxi Helt
    Asya Anastasia
    Dominika Grnova
    Dasha Taran but I know this makes me trash even more lmao
    Bianca Finch
    Claudia Lamprea
    Ellie Thumann
    Andra Kevichusa
    McKenna Hellam
    Edun Bola
    Iris Dubois

    Some of these feel slightly like failures because cute is such an ambiguous word? So? Did you want like shorter girls? Sweet looking girls who might secretly be feisty? Girls who are just good looking but can clearly stand up for their friends? I really wasn't sure. So. I tried to give a mix in case your vision was different then what I guessed cute is haha.


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