• okay so I am dying trying to find a new model that would fit a character I am bringing back from the dust...

    my original model was mallory merk.. literally the cutest lil bby ever but I lowkey got tired of using her as a model

    alt text

    here's my characters audition

    if you've got any good alt model suggestions or really just any you can think of that go with her vibe I would be SO gracious

    I'm literally 2 secs away from using diana silvers..

    i have no idea if this will show up in anyones notif but I dont wanna tag anyone and be a bother so if you see this I'd love your help!!!!

  • I was wondering if you’d be bringing her back or creating someone brand new!


    On the brink of combustion and logging off to get some sleep. Sorry sorry.

    I know I don’t have a RIGHT to cry over the idea that Mallory might not have that flaming red hair anymore...but wow I cannot imagine this sassy attitude without the bright bright hair.

    I made this collection public again. Don’t currently have the energy to give suggestions, but I’m still responding so I remember to come back tomorrow...

  • From that collection only, my opinion is...

    Julia Kuzka
    Carissa Pinkston
    Amanda Denis
    Sonny Turner
    Katie Moore
    Sara Grace Wallerstedt
    Emily Bador (ish)
    Edwina Preston

    If a have to accept a world without ginger Nyx...
    BINX WALTON, ultimate bad girl
    Sirena Warren
    Zoe Jungbluth
    Poppy Okotcha
    Mara Kasanpawiro
    Thi Thuy
    Alexis Jae
    Brionka Halbert
    Manuela Sanchez
    India Makailah Graham
    Gabriella Betchel

  • Also I clipped HELLA pics of this girl but never used her idk idk

  • My boyfriend can’t stop snoring, so guess who is still here :’)

    Kat Wu
    Jamilla McWhother
    Ella Schmidt
    Billie-Anne Smolenaers
    Carissa Pinkston
    Aleece Wilson
    Flora Marchon
    Edwina Preston
    Yuan Bo Chao
    Dasha Gorkova
    Hoyeon Jung
    lmao I’m trash for this but honestly Bella Thorne
    Sophia Lillis
    Georgie Hobday
    Anna Tatton
    Alice first
    Kiki willems

  • @lecoupdefoudre your love for ginger Nyx >>>> I’ve been thinking about it and I might actually write a whole new character Nyx doesn’t feel right without Mallory TBH but I do love and appreciate your help!! I’ve got 7 of the ones you helped with! Now I just have to .. pick


    I'm a little bit late but how about Lyndsey Gunnulfsen from PVRIS ?


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