• So i done to see the period drama series "Bridgerton" on Netflix and i need to say Not only am I in love with the series I am in love with the beautiful outfits.
    the marvels dress and the fashion is so high and glam !. Definitely makes you want to return to the competitive world of Regency era But just because of the clothes, less suited to me the persecution of status, and power in society.
    Both the women's and men's clothes in the series were stunning.

    So many stunning characters and clothes .. but I tried to pick the one I liked the most from each character:

    Daphne Bridgerton-
    alt text
    Every time she wore something in light blue she reminded me of Wendy from Peter Pan but this sparkling chiffon and crystal gown is definitely Daphne's best outfit for me.

    Marina Thompson-
    alt text
    cant get good pic of this drees but its defiantly my favorite and the crown is so beautiful.

    Lady Danbury-
    alt text
    silver gown encrusted in diamonds paired with an elaborate tiara, necklace, and neck piece - stunting!.

    Penelope Featherington-
    alt text
    blush floral dress with chiffon puffed cap sleeves and lace detailing make her so beauty.

    Simon Basset-
    alt text
    Of course we all fainted while he was shirtless But we should also choose an outfit -love the dark brocades, velvets and crisp cravat details.

    Siena Rosso-
    alt text
    light pink off-the-shoulder chiffon gown, She felt so real to me, painful and sensitive in this dress.

    Philippa Featherington-
    alt text
    This green dress with the noticeable pink flowers Together with the crown and the jewelry created something luxurious.

    Prudence Featherington-
    alt text
    The dress with the prominent pink hue, the bow with the flowers on the head - created an elegant look.

    Violet Bridgerton-
    alt text
    baby blue ball gown With the little beads.

    Eloise Bridgerton-
    alt text
    a yellow floral appliqué scoop neck gown with a silver taffeta shawl and with this crown b looks so stunning and elegant.

    Baron Featherington-
    alt text
    Just love this green coat.

    Colin Bridgerton-
    alt text
    Elegant look, of a gentle and good He really could have been a character in the legends of the perfect prince.

    Anthony Bridgerton-
    alt text
    Noble appearance, and meticulousness.

    Queen Charlotte-
    alt text
    the yellow taffeta and silver brocade And the hairstyle -art

    Portia Featherington-
    alt text
    She is usually so colorful and full of color but this black and white has given her a completely different twist.

    Cressida Cowper-
    alt text
    pearl headpiece-wow

    Lady Trowbridge-
    alt text
    off-the-shoulder cream gown and a feathered fascinator.

    And here I will end because it just will not end, the decision to choose only one outfit from so many that I loved was a difficult one.
    So what did you guys think of the series? I would love to hear which look you like the best .

  • figurino maravilhoso e totalmente realista.

  • Beauty, Fashion and Fun (BFF)

    I love all the outfits, but I have to say I love Penelope’s the most! Great post!

  • CHANGE IT UP 2.o

    I enjoyed how carefully they tried to show the personalities of the characters through their clothing. I really loved how they dressed Penelope.

  • Excellent job. Your pics and the comments are lovely...👏

  • Polyfam

    My favorite was lady Danbury's silver gown.

  • Banned

    This post is deleted!

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