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    I have the same probelm also. I think they featured set that have high liked. Mine only reached below 20. So it means no feature. some set can get high likes 40+, I will never get that high I don't know why. Maybe my creation is not as good as theirs. I know I created good sets and have won many when I entered contest. So I do't know the answer. Yes. there is no fairness, I agree with you.

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    Hi there! Long time no see!

    I would like to talk about how the algorithm (or ‘software’) thinks these sets belong to the homepage:


    I’m not an ‘active complainer’, but it’s been really bothering me. If you guys are relying on an algorithm to show us the most relevant content, this ain’t that.

    Trust the URSTYLE community and invite a member to select daily Top Sets, create interesting collections, post on social media etc.

    Thank you!

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    @idetached said in JUN 4: Featured sets / Home Page:

    As an example, someone that is the moderator of contests more than likely will get many, many more likes and comments on one of their sets than someone who is not. As a result, their sets make the features page quite often as shown now, sometimes you see 3 or 4 sets from the same user posted on the features page.

    As for as this one goes...definitely not true in my case at least. When I was actively creating sets for the 2 years here on Urstyle, only about 5 or so sets got featured on the front page. Which is not why I create but to stay inspired and landing on the front makes you inspired or at least back in the days it did..tehe. Cheers😘

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    @sassenach said in JUN 4: Featured sets / Home Page:

    I have the same probelm also. I think they featured set that have high liked. Mine only reached below 20. So it means no feature. some set can get high likes 40+, I will never get that high I don't know why. Maybe my creation is not as good as theirs. I know I created good sets and have won many when I entered contest. So I do't know the answer. Yes. there is no fairness, I agree with you.

    Well I don't know what happen, some of my set was featured with 40+ likes. Mind you it did not start with that number. So I don't know how this feature works. I don't bother anymore with feature as long as I create what I think is a good set. It does not matter if it gets low "like" as long as enjoy creating my sets. Urstyle is my escape for my everyday life.

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    @luckied99 @sassenach you both create wonderful sets. Unfortunately, the front page feature & the likes + comments are not proportional to one’s talent. If you take the time to interact with other members, by liking their sets, they will like your sets back and you will probably make the front page. It’s a ‘compensation’ system that has nothing to do with design skills.

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    @jesuisunlapin Well said! This is how the system works. Let's not feed our ego but rather enjoy each other's creations, no matter if we give a like or not. Just create, people, and enjoy!!

  • @sheila-l I definitely agree with you. It is frustrating when you create sets, especially unique ones and don’t get recognized for them! Generally, I create sets for my own personal enjoyment and hope that other people appreciate them as well. It does seem as if the same people always have top sets which makes me wonder if it’s based more on popularity than talent🤔

  • @emcf3548 I definitely agree with you!!! Having a top set on Polyvore was such an honor and they only featured "the best" sets which made me want to become even more creative. I had several top sets on Polyvore and as others have stated, some of us don't seem to get recognized for our hard work on Urstyle. Very disappointing!

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    UR friends- just being real here, no offense to anyone, just my opinion: this isn’t Polyvore and UR doesn’t have the staff to have eyes-on every set to cherry-pick featured sets. I’m just thankful UR is here so we have our creative outlet again. Are top sets really that important? At least with the use of AI (randomly comput-chosen featsets) it gives a greater pool of users the opportunity to get recognized and there are a great deal more featured sets on UR than there were top sets in PV. Moreover, Polyvore, who manually cherry-picked top sets, had their ‘favorites’ who seemed to get top sets with every published set. I like the opportunity to get to see sets from everyone on UR, it’s actually more fair in my opinion because many polyvore users never would have gotten a top set because they weren’t up to the arbitrary ‘standard’ of whomever was choosing top sets that day. Personally I don’t care- there are for example very young people making sets, still learning, and they probably feel fantastic when their set is featured- that’s what it’s all about- it’s not a ‘game’ like on polyvore so it’s more fun and less stress. It also eliminates all of the frustrating emails to UR complaining that ‘my set is better than hers, why didn’t I get top set over her set?’ which was probably a nightmare for polyvore staff and would be a nightmare for UR also. The real contests are in groups so if you’re looking for competition, join groups and submit sets for contests. 😊❤😘🌟 Patty

  • Don't worry! Be happy! ☺

    @cinnamonrose30 UR is using AI to chose featured sets. Their algorithm gives greater opportunity for new members to have featured sets (according to UR); the algorithm is coded to do this for an amount of time until they are not considered ‘new’ ’ any longer (a time set by UR).

  • @admin Thank you, How can I as a new user get involved***bolded text*** in more of your contest's and highlights?

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    @jesuisunlapin @Sheila-L @sassenach @luckied99 @cinnamonrose30 While I have been on URSTYLE for now two years (I started back when they had a featured page closer to Polyvore's) and I don't have much jurisdiction in this debate since I am one of the user's who gets featured pretty often, what helped for me was as @jesuisunlapin said: I started commenting more frequently on other people's posts, I enter a lot of contests to spread the set (I create the set so I can enter more than one contest with one set 😅 ), and I started following more people. This community is very responsive, so when you follow, comment, and like others' sets they will typically reciprocate!

    Even so, I wouldn't base your creativity on what an AI says is good. I think your creations are all amazing and if you love it then it is a good set 😊 Despite maybe or maybe not being featured, the best feeling for me is the personal satisfaction I get when I am really proud of a set I made!

  • @pattykake I understand the new algorithm but I'm just not thrilled about it. However, you did make a good point about the algorithm recognizing a diverse group of users in their featured sets than Polyvore. At the end of the day, I still enjoy creating sets and being part of a positive and creative community!!!

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    I recently realized some of my art and home interior is being posted under the “get inspired” tab. I always tag my art and interior. Maybe those of you that get little attention like me, from the features page can manage to see your creations on the get inspired tab. Just remember to tag your creations with one of the available tags. Recognition builds confidence.

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    @admin I can not post my set! moreover: I can not save the draft. it is written that unknown error has occured. It is nearly three years this site is "functioning" and same old problems! I spend nearly two hours making a set and now I can not save it, how many times?!

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    @sassenach I agree contest winners should be honored on a page somewhere 💛

  • 🥣ᖴOOᗪ ᗩᑎᗪ ᖴᒪOᗯEᖇS 🥣

    @jesuisunlapin I agree, totally. https://urstyle.fashion/styles/3026614
    this says it all @admin

  • I have had a problem with uploading photos for two days. loads after a few hours 😞

  • @pepcia17 Sorry dear ... same for me .... Clipped items don't show up on my profile site until hours later...have this problem for days, same problem again today. So annoying. 💋

  • @greta-martin thank you very much for your answer. Unfortunately, yesterday I tried to upload the photos and they have not appeared until today 😞 After today's attempts, also unsuccessfully 😒😢 Regards


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