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  • URSTYLE Team

    Dear users,
    Featured sets is now managed by automated software (not a human being as previously 🙂 ).
    This software guarantee for you that all sets and users are treated equally.

    Right now, our software is checking every hour sets created 23-24h ago and selecting the best one (most popular, and most profesional one).

    What is most important for that software to make your set fabulous?

    • number of likes
    • comments from unique users
    • used products from our shop page
    • valuable description (readable, unique, containing proper tags)

    also the new users (newbies) get extra points to each set by the first days of their presence at URSTYLE.

    Have fun!

  • Decor Amour

    Thank you!

  • Poetry In Motion (Art Group)

    @admin While I think it is great the Home Page is up and running again and there is a diversity of sets, I sincerely hope your parameters for the Home Page do not turn out to be a popularity contest. Regards Ollie

  • Design Styles Defined

    @admin the shop page only features products from bikinidotcom & SmatBuyGlasses?

    I don’t think the number of likes & comments make the case for fabulous sets. Originality, proper use of the editor, design skills, and number of unique views per set are more likely to work.

    If all users will be ‘treated equally’, what are the benefits for monthly contributors?

    Thank you.

  • CHANGE IT UP 2.o

    @admin not sure if that is a great idea to feature sets this way. It's a honor to land on the front page as it says something about your set and set making skills usually which in return inspires other to create and then too...look forward to landing on the front page.
    In this case quantity over quality
    is winning when it should be the other way around. Personal, it FEELS GOOD with an actual person is PAYING attention and not playing favorites to sets that are random. Algorithm does this a doesn't really justify landing on the front page.
    I get it as to why you may want a bot system to do this picking but it doesn't make it fun, inspiring or special for that matter. Please consider another way or pick a team to focus only on that side if possible.
    We appreciate seeing new sets don't get me wrong but please reconsider this one.
    Cheers 😘 Kisha
    not an algorithm

  • Poetry In Motion (Art Group)

    @luckied99 @admin Totally agree here.

  • @luckied99 @jesuisunlapin @Ollie @admin Totally agree with you girls ... many spend hours putting together their set . and spend hours looking for items elsewhere as the shop page has little to offer and more than once there are items that were on sale years ago, so not up to date at all. This is most of all a fashion, interior and beauty site with few item to offer in the shop to be honest. And what happens to the art sets ... it looks like they have little chance of being featured this way . In the end it is only they who make many quickly assembled sets with items of the shop page and with not much of design skills that will get the most featured sets on the Home page . I feel so sorry for what's going on right now on URSTYLE 😟

  • Style File

    @luckied99 I agree. It's lost it's meaning.

  • @admin To give everyone a chance why not make the "get inspired" tab your home page that way everyone will be featured. If someone, wants to see who got featured they can click on the featured tab. This would encourage those with lower self esteems to create more sets on this site and it would help with the traffic flow on this site. ☺

  • Polyfam

    I see the same users on the front page daily, sometimes multiple sets from the same user every day. I spend hours for some of the items in my sets. Clipping items, photos, graphics, etc. I put in a ton of effort. I think the "software" choosing sets is not really giving everyone a fair evaluation. How could it? It cannot see the beauty in the sets, only the parameters set. I just left TrendMe because of lack of attention by the webmasters to keep the site updated..I was the number 1 user on that site when I left. I was hoping for a more place where real people cared about the sets and the site.

  • Poetry In Motion (Art Group)

    @admin Can I ask how one can exclude their sets from being on the homepage please?

  • Fashion, Fashion, Fashion

    Hey everyone! Please check out my blog post on this topic! I would appreciate it if you read it, gave some feedback and contributed your ideas so we can discuss it as a community! I also posted it on the Community Page under the "Say Hello" tab and under the "Help" tab. 😊

    My Blog Post: https://urstyle.fashion/topic/2415166/the-great-featured-set-home-page-dilemma-and-how-to-we-move-forward

    Link to the post on the "Say Hello" Tab: https://urstyle.fashion/topic/2415167/the-great-featured-set-home-page-dilemma-and-how-to-move-forward

    Link to the post on the "Help" Tab: https://urstyle.fashion/topic/2415168/the-great-featured-set-home-page-dilemma-and-how-to-move-forward

    You would only have to look at one of these since they are all the exact same post!

    ~ Mayblooms

  • @mayblooms I agree with you ... We all want to admire the most beautifully crafted set in fashion , home / interior and art/doll . Software cannot recognize a well-edited or good style set, and that is very clear when we look at what is currently on the featured home page . Many of these sets will certainly not inspire anyone in terms of style or layout . If I want to see beautiful sets I go to the My Feed page . I just don't want to waste my time any more on the home featured page as it's lost it's meaning ... which is admiration and inspiration . ☹ 😘

  • This post is deleted!
  • CHANGE IT UP 2.o

    @luckied99 I agree with everything you've said and would like to add that this phrase from Urstyle is a contradiction. (Highlighted in blue)

    Right now, our software is checking every hour sets created 23-24h ago and selecting the best one (most popular, and most profesional


    We all know that being the most popular does not equate to most professional. It is clear from viewing the features page that most popular wins out every time or perhaps we need to ask @admin what is Urstyle's definition of professional?

    %(#271f99)[What is most important for that software to make your set fabulous?

    number of likes
    comments from unique users
    used products from our shop page
    valuable description (readable, unique, containing proper tags)]

    The above mentioned bullets do not make a set fabulous. The weight given to each bullet is uneven. I'm surprised that this isn't being looked at from a business standpoint. In order to draw more prospective business to the site the features page should contain more often sets that really have a professional look to them and updated items being sold in stores that they would want to draw advertisement business from. I can't imagine the contents of the features page is drawing much attention the way it's being displayed. It looks like a site for a fan page of favorite users.

    Another major problem is the clipping tool and the inability of allowing items to be saved as pngs without having to go to another site to change them over as a png therefore often losing the advertisers name unless you manually add the link back in. The clipper has constant problems sometimes causing you to revert to the old way of clipping through the add item format which doesn't always list the advertiser.

    It's hard to take this decision seriously when it doesn't appear there was much effort or thought put in to it. Professional looking, well designed sets do draw attention. They are currently drawing it on Pinterest. I have sets that have attracted more than 10,000 impressions I recently found out. Many of those sets have less than 100 views or even 50 on Urstyle. I'm not claiming they are better than anyone else but to make this site fair, there needs to be professional and better over site.

  • @luckied99 it seems it took a while for everyone to notice the same sets were being picked for the last 8 mos that is why i lost interest

  • or @ least the same people there are plenty of people that deserve recognition.

  • CHANGE IT UP 2.o

    @emcf3548 I think many of us noticed it and were commenting on it in the community. I know I did months ago. I saw others also comment on it and all with no response at that time. Over the months I think many like you lost interest while others became resigned to it based on the non-response from @admin and/or Urstyle. I believe what has generated the response you see now is due to Urstyle's announcement on how they determine who will be on the features page. There is no way it can be fair to the users based on the bullets they list as the criteria. As an example, someone that is the moderator of contests more than likely will get many, many more likes and comments on one of their sets than someone who is not. As a result, their sets make the features page quite often as shown now, sometimes you see 3 or 4 sets from the same user posted on the features page.

  • Exactly, it is just ridiculous on Polyvore it was like an honor to be recognized among such gr8t creativity and it motivated u to be a little more creative or step out ur comfort zones there is enough recognition to go around and every1 deserves it this is not a fair system. So y bother.

  • @admin, @noralyn I have been with Urstyle for at least a year+ now. I think I've noticed my set featured once in a whole year. I see the same people featured over and over again which is fine (many are very talented), however, I think that I'm pretty darn good at putting my creative sets together too. Perhaps many of my followers and potential followers may be inspired through my creativity. I clip many sources to find unique & original items to create with. I feel that there must be a glitch in the "random" choosing of these sets. Otherwise, I would see more of my sets on the featured page. I am on Urstyle daily so, where is the fairness?


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