K-POP (Korean pop)

  • Hello everyone! Just wondering if there are kpop fans on urstyle 😄
    If you are one, which groups do you like, which songs do you like and what are listening to these days?

    I'll begin, I stan (am a huge fan of) BTS, TWICE and LOONA. I also really like Everglow, ATEEZ, iKON and soloist Somi 🙂

    My biases are Jungkook (BTS), Momo (TWICE) and Heejin (LOONA) ❤

    Hoping this will BLOW up 😮 !

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  • no? damn 😞

  • Any Fashion

    Big fan of Red Velvet and Twice! I Like EXID and Blackpink too. I make a few sets for those groups. My favorites are Jihyo and Jeongyeon of twice, and I can never decide for RV! I love Jisoo of Blackpink as well. Goodluck!


    @aenir @filthysoul @PranitaC2000 I hope y'all don't mind me tagging you in this!

    but oh god i'm a basic fucking bitch and i ADORE Blackpink. I think Lisa would be my bias because I love love love her fierce-ness, but honestly I love them all together

    Red Velvet is also one of my faves??? I think my bias is Wendy, because her high! notes! omg! and I love how freaking versatile they are! I think I definitely enjoy their Velvet side way more than their Red, but Umpah Umpah is great and you cannot convince me otherwise

    G idle is quickly becoming a fave too! I like Senorita the best out of their cover tracks, and it's so cool that the members (esp. Soyeon) get more of a say in their songs. If i HAD to pick a bias or i'd die, I'd say Soyeon, but honestly I like them all together the best. They're such a versatile but well-rounded group. And don't even get me started on Yuqi's voice.

    I've listened to a few AOA songs, and I think I kind of dig them! Same with IZ*ONE. I like Dalla Dalla by Itzy, but I'll have to re-listen to Icy to form a concrete opinion. Same with Everglow; I like Adios, but didn't like Bon Bon Chocolat so much when I first heard it. I'm quite ambivalent about Twice; on the one hand, they're talented AF, but on the other, I am very much into girl crush and not so much the more cutesy vibe I get from Twice. But I really like Breakthrough!

    and yeah! I love Kard as a group, even if I don't always like every song they have as well. And Somi??? Girl is KILLING IT.

    super random, but @EddaLara if you ever made an URSTYLE group for kpop stuff, I'd totally join!

    ❤ ❤

  • @EddaLara I LOVE LOVE LOVE loona my bbys need more attention! Also Stan dreamcatcher they are so original and unique they are what the KPOP industry NEEDS!! IU also has great music and she’s so cute!! I don’t really stan many male idols but nct is an obvious choice more importantly (and as basic as I am) nct dream and nct 127 also fucking (g) i-dle

    My bias’ are chuu (loona) , Dami (dc) , E:U (everglow) , taeyong (nct dream) , soyeon ( (g) I-dle ) .. yuqi too Bc I’m trash , yoojung (weki meki)

    I KNOW I have a bias of almost all rappers but .. my heart can’t take it

    You should totally listen to fanxy child (idk if the little music they have is your style but idk I’m in love) also the QUEEN Chung ha.. Also TXT! I lq Stan Mamamoo (only for hwa sa tho)

    @ayzrules I don’t mind at all that you tagged me I love having somewhere to gush about it!!! I SECOND THE GROUP THING! IT WOULD BE TOTALLY COOL TO MAKE SETS AND GIVE RECOMMENDATIONS AND EVERYTHING

  • Polyfam

    HI! I just made an account since Polyvore shut down a while ago and I finally decided to find an alternative lol, but aNYWAY I am an Army and an Orbit for BTS and Loona!!! They're the two groups I really only follow and I love them so much. I'm much more familiar with BTS than Loona, but I really want to get to know all the girls better when I have time (i'm applying for college right now and it's so much stress). I don't have a bias for Loona, but for BTS it used to be Yoongles, and then it was him and Jinnie, but at the moment I'm just an OT7 stan haha because i love all my children :,)

  • Hello there! Top girl groups: SNSD, Apink. Red Velvet, BlackPink,2ne1, Lovelyz, Gidle,Itzy,twice,Gfriend,mamamoo
    Top boy grouos: Infinite, Exo, Bts, Shinee
    Solo:Ailee, Boa, Chungha


    @mary14star hey hey hey!! I love reve, blackpink, gidle, itzy too!

    been trying to get more into mamamoo-I like hip, destiny, gogobebe, and egotistic, but do you have any other recs?

  • HI! Big Kpop fan right over here. Love the music and fashion style. My favorite groups are BTS, EXO, MONSTAX, BLACKPINK, MAMAMOO, 2NE1, EXID, G-Idle, IKON, ATEEZ, Itzy, and solos are Somi, Sunmi, HyunA. KPOP rules yo and I am happy that you created this post because I would like to get to know some kpop fans on urstyle. 😄 I purple you!

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