K-POP (Korean pop)


    @ayzrules Ooh Mama is a good one. Although the English lyrics (most of them make no sense to me?) are a little jarring lol. The beat is so good that I can get past it though. When Growl came out I definitely watched that MV at least 100 times it's still SO GOOD.

    Wait all 3 of them?? I did not hear this. I did see that Lay was on Idol Producer though! And I watched a bunch of clips of Lisa and The8 (I love him omg) on Idol Producer as well.

    wait Blackpink + Lady Gaga?? I know nothing about this.


    @tiramisu i haven't looked into the english lyrics too closely yet, but from the snippets I can pick out from the chinese version they seem to make some sort of sense hahaha

    growl is also so good ughhhhh !!

    I saw something on YT saying that Red Velvet was making an Irene + Seulgi subunit, YG confirmed BP comeback in June, and something about a Twice comeback too! And apparently Blackpink's featuring on a song in Lady Gaga's upcoming album ("Chromatica"), the song's called "Sour Candy" & I think it drops May 29?


    @ayzrules Idk, I haven't tried to analyze but "Careless, careless. Shoot anonymous, anonymous. Heartless, mindless. No one. who care about me?" doesn't make much sense to me lol.

    Ooh exciting!!! On the topic of Red Velvet, I was wholeheartedly into Seulgi in the beginning but now Joy is tearing me away. She's goals

    Thinking about making a Kpop group on here. I think that would be fun!

    Also, does anyone else not talk about Kpop with other people in real life? I never talk about my music tastes in general because people are so unnecessarily judgmental about it??


    @tiramisu oh yeah LOL i had no idea what they were saying at the beginning until just now actually 😅

    & I love all the ReVe members so much <333 they're all so unique & talented!

    I'd 100000% join a kpop group, btw! and i don't really talk about it with RL people either - sometimes just the group of ppl that i know are into it from one of my school clubs, but otherwise i never mention it hahaha because yeah ppl get judgmental

  • I love kpop yay. My favourite groups are NCT, MAMAMOO and EXO but I love lots more too! My bias' for those groups are jaehyun/mark bc uwu. hwasa and sehun 🙂


    @xo_emie ayyy!!! ❤ do you have any mamamoo & exo b-side recs??? I've seen a few title tracks from both & want to get more into them 😄

  • @ayzrules ooh, i love the songs 'Diamond' and ' What U do' by EXO but no one seems to know those. Tbh the entire 'THE WAR' album I would recommend as I only ever see like 2 of those songs played. For mamamoo, I think ALOT of their songs go unappreciated unfortunately. https://youtu.be/g1r70EYitiE i'd recommend checking out this video and seeing what you like from those 🙂 !! hope you enjoy ❤

  • Polyfam

    I'm the biggest multi fandom!!!

  • maybe I am late to party but BIGBANG and 2NE1


    @_goldenpurple_ ahhh i def need to check both of them out a lil more!!! bang bang bang & fire are 2 of my faves from them hahaha

  • I love dreamcatcher, red velvet, twice, blackpink, clc apink, loona, itzy, bts, ateez, nct, txt, pristin and i'm planning to get into izone!

  • Don't worry! Be happy! ☺

    I'm very new to K-Pop, but am loving it so far!
    The artists I really like are Taemin, BTS, VAV, and SF9. I also really like some TWICE songs💙
    If you share similar interests, please check out my sets -- I think you'll enjoy them!


    @classicelegance Ooooh I was never really into SHINEE but some of Taemin's solo stuff looks cool! I only know Want & Move; do you have recs for other songs?

  • Don't worry! Be happy! ☺

    @ayzrules I'm still trying to figure SHINEE out☺ But I do love their songs Countless, Replay, and Hello.
    Taemin was the first K-Pop artist I ever saw/listened to (in January). This video in particular, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QREEadmNDzQ&list=RDQREEadmNDzQ&start_radio=1 was my first introduction to K-Pop. I also really like Holy Water, Heaven, Pretty Boy, and Truth. He has a wide range of what he can do!
    What are your current favorite artists/songs?

  • Don't worry! Be happy! ☺

    @xo_emie I love NCT! Taeyong is my bias in that group, but Mark it the cutest thing as well! Also, EXO is great (Baekhyun, Chen, and D.O. -- I can't choose between them!).


    @classicelegance ooooh thank you for the recs! I'll be sure to check them out ❤ ❤ ❤

    i'm almost exclusively into girl groups ahahaha; blackpink and red velvet are my ults but I also dig a lot of g-idle, itzy, and sunmi! other artists i like are chung ha, aoa, and a few twice songs 😄 in terms of boy groups, I like some EXO (love shot, mama, overdose, kokobop, call me baby) & some random songs here & there that i just happened to hear & really get into!

    that's so cool that you can pinpoint an exact video that got you into kpop omg 😂 I think my first exposure was gangham style (lol) & then later i heard overdose randomly & really liked that one song w/o diving deeper into kpop. that was like 6 years ago oops & i really started listening when i decided on a whim to watch blackpink's DDU-DU DDU-DU video. just got sucked in after that 😄

    in terms of songs i like a lot of girl crush concepts, red velvet's quirky stuff and smooth, addictive r&b beats, hip-hop inspired in general usually works pretty well with me! i do also appreciate that kpop has these delicate beautiful girly glamour songs that we don't really see in the west, a la groups like apink and twice's feel special

  • Hi! I love SHINee and Mamamoo

  • @eddalara I love TXT, Stray Kids and Red Velvet. I literally can't choose a bias in any of these groups ✌ 😂 I love them all! ❤


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