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  • URSTYLE Team

    Dear community!
    URSTYLE App will be available soon at Google Play store for Android users. We will notify you as soon as they approve our app.

    iPhone users (iOS) are ready to download URSTYLE App via App Store 👉

  • Beauty, Fashion and Fun (BFF)

    Headed to check it out! Thank you so much for your hard work🥰

  • CHANGE IT UP 2.o

    Oh, how exciting! I'll be waiting on the edge of my seat...I mean bed for the Android app. Hopefully, there are swipe capabilities instead of click click-click or tap tap tapping to get to one thing....LOL. Thanks, so much @admin for all your efforts and dedication indeed. You all are rockin'it no matter what! Cheers 🤗 🤭 ✨ 🧞‍♀

  • Style File

    @admin Thank you for the app, I know a lot of work went into it (I downloaded to my iPhone) BUT I can't find a way to upload to instagram. The share button takes you nowhere. Are there any plans to add an easy share to IG feature like how it's done on the the Fashmates app?

  • Beauty, Fashion and Fun (BFF)

    @admin I have edited one set using the app on my iPhone. I have a couple of questions.

    1. Is there an easy way to navigate to my home page in the app? The home button takes you to the URSTYLE home page and the only way I have been able to figure to get to my page is to find a set on the home page that I’ve commented on and clicking on my user name.
    2. is there a way to get out of the create page after saving a draft set that doesn’t entail going all the way back out to the URSTYLE home page or contest or notifications pages? I’d like to just go back to my home page and can’t.
      Thank you so much
  • Decor Amour

    @admin Thank you so much!

  • Style File

    @fassionista Do you mean your profile page? Click the three lines in the upper left corner and take it from there. I hope that helps ❤

  • Beauty, Fashion and Fun (BFF)

    @fashionmonkey YESSSSS!!! Thank you sooooo much!!!!🥰😍🥰

  • CureKtity's TGIF Friends

    Cool! I can't wait to download it! Thanks Urstyle!

  • Design Styles Defined

    @admin I just downloaded it to my iPad. It works fine, it’s very intuitive and user-friendly. Awesome work, guys! I would prefer to use it on landscape mode, but it won’t switch. It’s stuck on portrait. That’s my only complaint so far. Thank you very much for all the hard work! Cheers!


    @admin @admin thank you soooo much. In the iOS app I can’t find the item organizer. Is it listed in a different spot. Thank you fran

  • Design Styles Defined

    @admin even though I have already marked “all notifications read” the app notifications won’t go away. Plus, I’m not able to reply any topic on the forum. I tap “done” and nothing happens. Thank you!

  • URSTYLE Team

    @jesuisunlapin there is a check mark on the top right to send forum message. We will improve this asap

  • Design Styles Defined

    @admin thank you!


    So excited!!!! Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!! ❤

  • Don't worry! Be happy! ☺

    So wonderful news!!!
    I'm so excited about the app (I'm waiting for the android version)

    I don't know what to say... Just thank you all so much for all your hard work!! ❤❤❤

    It's getting better and better! 🎉🍾😍

  • URSTYLE Team

    @beautifulplace Android app is ready! 🙂

  • @admin thank you @urstyle for the app and your hard work ❤ but there is no difference between the app and the browser it's so difficult to create sets on phone we hope there will be new changes and update for the app as soon as possible so creating sets on phones will be easy

  • URSTYLE Team

    @shimaa we need to learn more what stops you before creating sets on mobile or how it could be improved. Any feedback is valuable for us 🙂

  • CHANGE IT UP 2.o

    Thank you for granting our wishes on the app for the android system.
    So far the app DOES NOT work on Chromebooks [app won't open at all just keep loading error message ÜRSTYLE won't OPEN" or URSTYLE KEEPS STOPPING''

    I did manage to download the app onto two different Android phones. TWO things I really love is the speed and the bottom selection icon buttons [ which remind me of Instagrams UI] which is clever but upon looking or selecting those features...I feel like I'm on the website which is heavy for an on the go app. I get the reason for having the app set up like an extension but it doesn't give NEW or even existing users bait to grab the app along with using the regular site also. It's not much easier to navigate within the app at the moment, still a lot of selecting, selecting, selecting just to comment or view sets.


    • uploading images from the device only allows for one at a time
    • cannot clip from sites unless you do it one by one using the URL
    • unable to save a backup set to device "unsupported error msg" in both opera/ chrome rerouted app umbrellas
    • load backup set won't open at all
    • when trying to edit any added text to a set "landscape mode is not supported. Please rotate your device" message appears but my phone is still in locked portrait mode
    • when trying to join a contest, no sets appear to be able to submit to contest, not even newly made sets. You can only submit a set if you are on the contest page, select CREATE SET, make one from scratch, and then publish it from there.

    0_1568727483544_mobile request.jpg

    I have a long list of things I would love to see within the app and maybe others feel the same. I don't mind waiting for one feature at a time either.

    @admin I know you all have plenty on your plate at the moment with so many of us new users who migrated over the past year and counting.

    The features I'm awaiting from URSTYLE for mobile users in an Android APP are:
    ➡ MOST IMPORTANTLY it has to be user-friendly with a clean, simple and attractive functioning UI


    • importing items with EASE from a mobile device
      We need the ability to upload multiple items at a time directly from our device. [ Via Google photos, Google drive, any other cloud-based storage [Dropbox, Amazon photos, etc], SD cards, and the actual device itself. This would give us more 'create time' with items that inspire us if we can get to them by uploading quickly before we forget our ideas...Lol.

    It would be a grand idea to be able to swipe to the left while viewing sets. That way we can view the sets WHOLE BEAUTY in a larger view and as well as comment at the same time. Along with commenting, we should be able to like the set from that same swipe. [Great for time management]


    • Please give us the ability to add a description and title to a published set WITHOUT opening the set again in the editor. An option to this things all separately :
      +edit set
      +edit title
      +edit description


    • FEATURED NOTIFICATIONS It's awesome to land on the front page of URSTYLE platform as a featured set but not cool when you don't even know
      Is it possible to send a systematic automated msg to those who land on the front page..and URSTYLEs social media fan pages?
    • Ability to change notifications to turn likes off and only viewable if you decide to check it out.

    -We need a FOLLOWING TAB along under the GET INSPIRED TAB or KEEP the groups SET TAB as is. Right now, the SETS TAB is PERFECT for viewing all the sets a member in the group makes. It's like having our own little town with everything you need being in our groups' pages except the community tab. If the SETS tab is changed to what the majority of the community wants [to only show sets that someone actually submits to the group] could it please be an option to ✔SEE ALL or ✔SEE ONLY SUBMIT SETS by the group mod or a member viewing the SETS tab for their preference. I really don't want to lose this feature of being able to SEE ALL SETS by MY FABULOUS GROUP MEMBERS but [I feel outnumbered on this one just because everyone is requesting the way it was at the other place. 😉 But the way it is a now is a Time saver]
    comment on friends sets without having to open that set up that I follow in a separate feed on endless scroll i.e instead of having to click on comment area to comment would love to just can comment right away on the same page


    • As a moderator of a group, I would need the mobile version to be able to have complete access and control of the group via mobile
    • Ability to create contest and EDIT contest WITHOUT having to DELETE if there is a typo or other mistakes
    • Ability to join contest
    • Ability to judge and close contest as a moderator/admin


    • GROUPS PRIVATE means private...others that are not part of the group shouldn't be able to SEE activity in the group.~~ THANKS

    I love the current ability to use as many items as you want...but I'm kinda many items am I using and also it would help when layering items if the item could appear behind whatever it is in a transparent color so you know if that item you are sending back is behind the right layer. see how many items you have just in case you 'lost' an item behind something

    -an easy way to crop via a mobile device. Maybe make all items png format but with cleaner [smoother edges...feathered but not like Olioboard. We need 100% jpeg or png quality

    • an easy way to see how large the set will be [ an invisible border when published but visible in the create mode]

    • keep the NO ITEM LIMIT in the editor
      -ability to VIEW a draft before selecting [thumbnail]

    • I stumbled across a site called ChristopherGuy which has a StylePlan via online [not mobile-friendly but has great features for desktop users which is worth checking out. The StylePlan is specifically for creating home sets [ which is what I create mostly]. I would like you to take a peek at it to see how user-friendly their interface is. Of course, they have plenty of room for expansion just like any business.

    A long list I know, but as a mobile user mostly...these would be a great start. Of course, it will take time to develop the right formula for the company but I thought I would share this just in the case it can help other mobile users.

    I'm patiently awaiting bugs to be fixed so I can create on my Android device [touchscreen PC, Chromebook, desktop, etc] from an app shortly.

    I'm so thankful for the URSTYLE community opening doors to us users and working so hard with so many demands with speed. HUGE THANKS to you and your team...hats off to you all and much success for the future.

    Kisha Deputy-Frazier


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