Coming Autumn: Socks

  • Autumn is right there and the cold brown and orange days too, so there's nothing better than a pair of cosy and funny socks.

    I have to admit that socks are one of my favorite "wardrobe basics", and who said that socks are not trendy? That socks are not a key element of street style?

    There are so many types of socks such as the liner, the ped, the quarter, the mid calf, and the over the calf. The difficult is to choose!

    Above the size and the type of socks that you prefer, there are more and more different socks in the market with plain, with some classic pattern, or with the new "crazy" socks that have a range of unusual designs.

    But, if you are not sure how should you style socks with your clothes and basics, I have some rules and suggestions to give you:
    1. always prefer plain or classic pattern socks if you are doubt which one to use
    2. always choose a pair of socks that contains some color of your outfit
    3. choose a pair of socks that are either a shade darker or lighter than the trousers you’re wearing
    4. never use plain white socks with suits, it is a big NO
    5. risk yourself and match a pair of sandals with plain or stripe socks
    6. with a pair of monochromatic trainers, almost all the socks are a big YES
    7. match a pair of socks that has a message with denim shorts or jeans
    8. classic pattern or crazy socks are compulsory in urban style
    9. use it with vintage clothes

    To advise you better, here it is a series of brands that I am sure you will love. Together I put a pair of socks to you have a notion of which brand has:

    1. Shein -
    2. Forever 21 -
    3. Zulily -
    4. Target -
    5. HBX -
    6. Barneys New York -
    7. -
    8. Zappos -

    Some other brands that I really advise you with the site:

    1. Happy Socks -
    2. John's Crazy Socks -
    3. Socks Shop -
    4. Pedemia -
    5. Fun Socks -
    6. The Sock Drawer -
    7. Funny Socks -
    8. Hot Sox -

    As you see, the socks market is evoluting and more and more styles and type of socks are emerging. I am sure that after you check these sites you will absolutely be surrendered to this new trend that will give you so much personality in all your outfits!

    More, I will make a collection of sets with some funny socks, where you can discover some new ideas for your own outfits!

    Thanks for reading 😘


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