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    Joanna Kulig in Cold War

    “The director, Pawel Pawlikowski, wrote the part of Zula for me. I knew that the inspiration for the character came from his mother. Zula is her real name, and, like me, she was blonde. I saw her photo.”
    Was that the hardest part about portraying the character?
    No. The hardest part was the dancing. In general, I have a problem with coordination. I spent six months in a Polish folk ensemble learning how to dance. We partied together, we drank together, and we’d dance for six hours during a concert. It was like a family, and I started to build the character of Zula. Soon, I had her thoughts and personality. And I finally learned how to dance!

    Chloé dress; Louis Vuitton hat.

    alt text

    Joanna looks like an apple tree sprinkled with snow and painted by Grandfather Frost (Dziadek Mróz), apple tree after the harvest "defeat" with twigs hang with apples. The apple is a symbol of abundance and the fruits of life, love and fertility

    alt text

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    wow. enthusiastic. I saw such a real beautiful photos...and styling is so cool. Willem Defoe is hard sexy (let me say) thx a lot for interesting suggestion and inspiration


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